B Scare

Apparently there was a bomb scare in our uni library just now!

There were police dogs. And then more police came! They came to our department as well since some of the chemicals have gone lost? I don't know. Seriously, such drama. They should postpone our exams! ;p

Anyway, now I'm in the library. No it's not blown into ashes. -.-

Everything ok now, I hope. InsyaAllah. Hehe. Back to studying!!

My laptop's charger is broken. :((((((

I'm singing "At night they would go walking till the breaking of the day. The morning is for sleeping." Guess what song.

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Drinking milk to put me to sleeeeep.

No I didn't drug it.

My laptop is broken just this morning. Siigh. What a day.

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I have exams coming.

The End.

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Spidey bit me again?

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I would do anything to go back home right now.


Time won't allow me.

And maybe in the future, I would be glad I didn't.

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Whipped Cream

I've decided
Nama dia 'Cream'
Kalau dia marah dia jadi 'Whipping cream'
Kalau dia happy dia jadi 'Double cream'
Kalau dia extremely happy jadi 'Sprinkles on top'
Kalau dia sedih dia jadi 'Whipped cream'
Kalau dia random dia jadi 'Milk'

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Temperature today was 14C. So I decided to finally go to Crookston to find where the heck my hospital placement is. Relaxing walk, I had. There was a park nearby as well but I didn't take any photos. Hehe.

See, it's a clear sky. Takda pun haze so don't fret. But I bet the small "glassy" particles are everywhere. *shivers*

I'm starting to get tired easily with this warm weather.

Big fat reminder to self: Start drinking your juices!

A song is currently on repeat in my head right now. And it's quite a depressing song I might say, but it's relaxing, so what the heck.

Y'all know how I love Hyori. This one is called Want Me Back. Love the beginning, "It's. O. Ver." :) Again this has nothing to do with my current life situation, it's just me liking this song so my dear friends pls don't go psycho on me and ask what happened. I love you all! :))

credits to alexiiiaaaable

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I was reading through my blog today. On LAST EASTER'S entries. I realised I had soooo much work before last easter's break. This year, all the tests and exams are pushed to AFTER easter. Why owh why. And I did get 1st grade in my tests, tahun ni je kureng sikit.

And when I read through again, I remembered I stayed up all night doing my work. I slept 1 to 2 hours a day only starting 3 weeks before my exams started. I complained how my exams were starting early, but it's way earlier now!! How did I do that?? Stayed up all day and night, burning the midnight oil.

Then I realised I had no inspiration to do so. Last year, once it's April, I would have gotten my ticket back home dah. And I would put my count down to my "comeback" to Malaysia on all my blog posts. But not this year. Maybe that's why kurang semangat nak belajar. Mengada betul, kan?

Tapi HARUS semangat!! If I don't do well this year I may never even get my Masters! And I'll only graduate with a Bachelors degree and I won't be able to become a pharmacist and who knows what will happen to my scholarship!!

Isn't that suppose to be "inspirational" enough to push me to work harder??!!

Anyway, this morning I woke up and realised it was not 6am but 10! Sigh. Read the news about the Iceland volcanic eruption and that the haze is already covering northern part of UK and also mid Europe. All flights were immediately cancelled! I wonder if there were any of us stuck in Europe? Apparently the volcano is still erupting (well it was when I read the news). Kebetulan masa tengah baca tu it was sunny and then suddenly from outside my door (eh window lah!) came a huge big cloud. Dah mula psycho I went "Is that the 'glassy' haze??" and then I laughed. Haha bimbo betul!

All my friends were curious if there was really a haze but the weather today was so goooood! It was sunny that I had to take a walk to the LIBRARY! :'(( But it was good. Not as good as the picnic day, that was one of the warmest day of the year! Hehe.

Ok so starting from now I will will will will work hard and harder than last year. Maybe for now not as extreme because I have a lot of practical exams after the break finishes. But after that, then I can start my extreme studying. Let's go go goooo!

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New Layout!

I've put up a new layout! I was getting bored of the dark and dull layout and so this is my new one! :))) I don't want my blog to look as depressing as the owner. Hehe

I want to start new on certain things and this should mark as the first one. I now should start being selfish for the time being (and no one should get mad at me) because my exams are coming! Tsk. Next week I'll have the horror FMT test, a hospital visit in Paisley and a PP3 practical class test! Since I was the only one who passed in the PP3 class mock test previously, I surely pray and hope that I won't flunk this one!!!

The week after I'll have a presentation of my hospital visit (more like a drilling session!) and then a video exam of "Responding to Symptoms". Sigh. AND THEN the week after that I'll have a degree exemption PP3 practical class test. If I pass this I won't have to take the exam this May!

InsyaAllah I'll do well. Pray for the best!

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I'm wearing a heat mask! It does work! O.O

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In the morning

Woke up today feeling even more tired and forced myself to sleep MORE. Finally got out of bed and went straight to the toilet, had my usual morning business and brushed my teeth. Only after that I glanced in the mirror and I was shocked to see a pair of swollen eyes coupled with eye bags. T.T A tiring yet enjoying weekend, I had.

Hawa's birthday party was on Saturday. As usual, Saturday nights always end late with the never ending boraks. ;) Called Mum and of course dia bercerita pasal cucu-cucunya. Bak kata Azmil, "Sikit-sikit Adam! Sikit-sikit Ariz!". My nephews have groooown. Especially Ariz with his never ending borak. This time Mum said, during a wedding Ariz went "You know what Nena, that old lady gave me a JUNKIE LOLLIPOP!" Sabar je la pak cik kecik ni, hehe!

Went to a car boot sale in Lanark yesterday (finally stepped into Lanark after more than 2 years in Glasgow!) and the weather was soooooooooooooooooo hot! The sun was blazing down on us, literally. Tak pasal-pasal bertambah hitam, and kaki berbelang thanks to my crocs. Got a few crystals, tak nak beli banyak barang just yet because I'll be moving (again) after the term finishes. But the weather was so nice, we just had to get ourselves some ice cream!

After that we had our picnic session by the river!!! Sighh, so nice, to be able to spend the day out with good company and good warm-but-cool kind of weather.

Everyone sibuk makan. NGAP!

Ngap jangan tak ngap!

Antara pompuan-pompuan yang suka berfoya-foya.

Lepas makan, I became this gomok! T.T

After that Nizam brought us to this animal farm-ish place. Dapat walked through a very short track and saw the wide space of land with the "big kipas putih" in the background. Siap ada white deer lagi. Pastu in the "farm" jumpa a pair of black swans, new born kambing biri-biri, goat with a goatie and sheep-ish smile (how ironic, haha!), and fluffy rabbits!! Sayang je tak dapat tengok babi, kalau tak boleh lepas geram kat dia jerit-jerit "BABI!". :)

That night as usual makan-makan at Aunty's place and went home quite early. Everyone was already tired. I slept before midnight! Fuh.

Tomorrow's plan: Go to post office to post Izura's document (baru nak post esok, mintak maaf. Dah lama GILA tak pergi post office, tak gheti dah!) and jalan-jalan cari hospital in Paisley. Hope the weather will be good.

As usual, I will end my day with reading a few notes from uni and keep reminding myself to be a more patient and understanding girlfriend (and daughter jugak ;p)

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Failed Therapy

Failed retail therapy. Mungkin ada hikmahnya.

Today went to town (alone) since the weather was ok and I needed to buy Hawa's present for her party tomorrow. Dia dah excited and has been asking what we got her ever since. Tak sup-gh-ise la, Hawa ni. Hehe esok pergi party bawak basikal okay.

Anyway buying her present only took me 15 minutes. :) After that, had my hot chocolate break and sambung for MY stuff. I haven't gone down to Buchanan Street ever since New Year sale. Ke? Ntah, macam exaggerating gila la pulak kan. But I can't remember when was the last time I went down. Setahu I, every time I lalu Buchanan St I'll need to go to Zara and I'll surely get something. So the last thing I bought was my jacket. That was in winter as in winter before it snowed I think? Ntah la. Whatever.

Anyway, I was hoping I would get something. BUT. Tak menyusuk kalbu la. If ada pun sure size too small or too large. Jeans lawa tapi tak lepas bontot ape hal pulak kan. Khakis pulak the smallest size pun longgar apesal?! OMG. Maybe it's their sizing. Hehe. Anyway, even their trafaluc blouses didn't amuse me. So disappointed. :((((

And then after that went to Aldo to see if they have any good (yo-yo je good) handbag. Hehe. LAWA all the colours and everything. But tak menyusuk kalbu, yet again. There was this really really nice sling bag but it's a bit too small. But if I keep thinking about it that means we're meant to be kan? :) I'll go get it tomorrow. It's cheap anyway. But I want (no no. Need!) a new handbag! I don't want a sling bag! :(( Nak nangis je rasa. WTH is wrong with me, man? Nak handbag pun boleh nangis. Macam kecik sangat je nangis masa nak cotton candy.

HELLO I HAVEN'T SHOPPED FOR A LONG TIME OK. Kesian tau. Rasa kampung sikit, don't know what's the trend now. HEHE! My flatmate was telling me all the shops now have roses la apa ntah. I was like, "Owhhh really?" and when I went down today semua dah tukar dah pun! Tak payah la! So outdated dah! Hish.

Terlampau banyak social problem pulak tu. Hehe! We're dubbed as people with "social problems". Mengajak orang ke jalan sesat, kononnya. Ok la, mungkin betul la to your eyes, nampak macam sebegitu. That's fine, if you want to say so. Banyak betul jenis orang kat dunia ni. Now I'm seeing more kinds of people. Like Lady Pot Pet says, kawan ada banyak jenis. Ada kawan yang akan stand for us come what may, ada kawan yang nak play safe lepas tengkuk sendiri, ada kawan yang on the surface jer, ada kawan yang boleh jadi lawan. And I get what she means. I had the same feeling as she did on this one person. Snap twist la us both, Aunty.

Quoting another friend again, Njay my Shorty kata if jumpa orang pelik, kita buat bodoh macam diorang je. ;p

Siiiighhh. My crave for BK dah kurang. I want a handbag. :(

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Are u in a coma or something?

Did u fall n got your head knocked on the pavement?

What's wrong with all u people?

Geli bulu ketiak je pikir. Hish.

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It's good that some people realise that they have gone through the path of jealousy. They turn and walk back and apologize. And if they do look back to where they've walked, it won't be a pretty sight. I may not be (actually am not) in the best position to actually address this, but we learn as we grow and we make the rules as we go.

C'mon la, a girl like me, at this age especially, has felt jealousy to the extreme. Bila lagi nak rasa jealous. Bila dah tua-tua, tiba-tiba nak rasa jealous sure rasa macam so childish and so not right. Right? Because of jealousy lah my life almost went haywire. You will fail to think straight and judge rightfully. Sure fail jadi judge kat court! Teeheehee. Especially kalau rasa jealous towards someone you don't even know of.

But feeling jealous of someone you know, tak kisah la whether you share the same straw or drink from the same well ke tak, sure lagi la embarrassing. Kesimpulannya that trait never benefits a person. Unless its the healthy kind of jealousy?

I'm just gonna try and tell this story straight. How true it is I can't really tell. But this is so that all of us can judge together and be it a lesson for us to open our eyes wider. Terpaksa la tulis dalam bahasa sendiri sebab kalau orang asing baca boleh buat bikin malu, walaupun sekarang ada google translate. Hehe!

I have a second family here in Glasgow and am a really grateful girl. Without them here I think I'd rather study (or suffer) in U*M. :) Tapi Glasgow ni pelik sikit. Tak tau la tempat lain pun ada wujud sebegini jugak. I'm speaking from my own judgement, not influence. Sifat dengki and jealous tu memang banyak betul. As you all know (or don't), I've been volunteering promoting our Malaysian colourful culture to the locals and it's a lot of fun! My parents have been sending me to outside school activities since young and I've been enjoying them so this really is a bonus considering I'm on my own here without my parents! Fuh. It started off small but now slowly even ministers know us! Great right! Click HERE for our latest event!

Anyway, terbabas pulak ceritanya. As if it's a rule of life, behind every success is not just a woman but also jealousy. Apa yang peliknya, seperti yang terdengar2 dari kawan kepada saksi, ada certain community M kat sini has been spreading news of anti-Uncle and anti-Aunty and anti-MYSSACK i.e. this family that I've been mentioning above. Actually before this I've heard of something like "Jauhkan diri from your seniors yang tak betul tu". Daku dan kawan-kawan daku la tu ya? Kenapa nak anti? Lagi ironic is this news was spread masa sesi ilmiah. Setahunya, walaupun takda la terer mana tapi pernah jugak banyak kali pergi and helped host this kind of pertemuan and for all I know never ever a name of a known person/colleague/whatever-you-call it is mentioned. Are we preaching some kind of another religion to actually be avoided? Plan nak tulis dalam bahasa sendiri pun tak boleh sebab tension sangat, hehe.

And so you left a bad impression on these "clean sheets" who doesn't know anything kononnya with a good nawaitu. Of? Of a bad religion example? If we are doing anything that's HARAM then why not be a good preacher and tegur elok-elok. Bukan amanah kepada negara and pemimpin ada dalam text book agama masa sekolah dulu jugak ke? That's an honest question, bukan nak imply apa-apa.

That's them to judge, you can't tell them what to do. Like I said in my FB, dear mahasiswa/i yang pandai2 belaka dapat belajar jauh2 and sambung belajar, I'm a Muslim and I'm not a terrorist, you are a Muslim too and you're not a terrorist too right? Lagi2 we're from the same country. So even when you bump into me you can say hi and shout my name from afar too if you like! Because actually right now you're not doing that just because I'm "not as good as you are"? Well, it never really gave me a MAJOR impact on me. Psh, as if I care kan. But it does happen to LOTS of people who DECIDED THEMSELVES to NOT JOIN YOUR WAY OF EDUCATING PEOPLE because they can judge themselves on what is WRONG AND RIGHT. Sebab you think your level of ilmu agama lebih tinggi you "looked down" and mengaibkan other people who are not in your same page. And even make a "discussion" out of it together with your friends tu. What does that make you? What. Does. That. Make. You.

Now I see that jealousy does make you ugly. It does. After seeing all this I realise nothing good EVER comes out of jealousy. It only reflects your immature level of thinking (bahasa kampung: cetek betul pemikiran kamu! Tengah imagine dalam drama, mak mentua cakap macam tu kat the lead actress, huahuahua) and your weaknesses. The public will see you in two different angles. You're either supported as they're blinded the same way you are, or you're pitied, by how low your knowledge seemed to be despite how high you put your noses up and of your inferiorities.

This is also a lesson for me and us all. Jangan buat macam ni nanti Allah balas balik.

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You think I cannot gossip ;p

To be read in a very high sarcastic tone, with exaggeration all over your face and your hands flying every where:

I feel like I have no rights to say this. Maybe it's because I'm still young and still don't understand what makes the world goes around. Or maybe it's because I have a mind that's too broad? Haha. I even try my hardest (read as waste my time) putting myself in their shoes and try to think like them but I just can't. They must have really incredible IQ numbers!

Ok in general my dear readers, imagine this. Nowadays, banyak wedding invitations ikut tag FB je, senang kan. If you're invited then you're tagged. Obviously out of courtesy, RSVP kena la bagi ye tak? FB pulak very the public oneeeee. Your wonderful wedding invitation might attract many pairs of eyes. Ada secubit nak tengok je, ada secubit pulak nak rasa happy "eh makcik muka mcm ni pun dah nak kahwin dah", ada pulak secubit tak malu tag diri sendiri. Huahuahuahua. Secubit yang last ni lah are very interesting and complicated people. You'll never EVER guess what's in their minds.

Dahlah invite diri sendiri, tak kenal siapa-siapa. You wear your expensive clothes, put on your shiny shoes, and with that expression on your face you basically crashed the person's supposedly wonderful day. They don't know who you are yet you expect them to treat you like you're the King. WTH seriously. How low can you go? Bak kata my friend, macam orang masuk rumah orang lain, masuk dapur habiskan makanan, pastu keluar marah-marah. Hmmmmm sounds like a burglar yang tak puas hati, no? Hehehe.

That's one point. What happens if you're caught red-handed? OMG, mana la nak taruk that pretty face of yours, kan? Dah pakai lawa-lawa pulak tu. OhMyGDragon betul. Eeeee if that was me, hihi, malu betul! I wish the Earth would swallow me there and then!! HAHA aaaahhh I get embarrassed and giggly just thinking about it. But as usual, some people are just 'unique'. Secubit dari secubit seperti mentioned above (YAYTK Manglish pun boleh berterabur!! HAHA), muka tebal satu batu. Makeup tebal, tak kut. Hehe. Mungkin tak pakai cleanser yang sepatutnya?

The most important point, after dah crash someone else's party, take their delicious food, CAUGHT RED-HANDED (HAHA), you go back and you get all pissed off and you make a public statement dissing the host that doesn't even KNOW you in the first place. Be grateful you're IN the marvelous place itself! Seriously, WHERE IS THIS PERSON'S BRAIN AND WHAT SIZE IS IT??? Kelakar ok. I can't even put my finger on what the hellllll is he thinking. Memang sangat complex this creature.

So I've been figuring out and trying to increase my amp of thinking (or decrease maybe?) but I still don't get it. Tolonglah, someone should get an award for finding out this interesting subject.

First, I can't imagine wasting my time getting ready for an event that I don't even know what for and who are the people who would be there.

Two, I can't imagine actually stepping into the place and eating their food like nobody's business unless I'm from the movie "Wedding Crasher" (that's a good movie btw).

Third, I can't imagine how effing red my face and in fact my whole body would be after I've been found out, kantoi di situ gitu.

Fourth, why the hell and how would/could I get pissed from all of the above when I should feel embarrassed and out of place? Especially when I have no clue what so ever?

I don't blame you for not getting what I'm trying to say because basically, memang it doesn't make sense!! Like I said, all our IQs doesn't match this subject!!! Tapi to some, it does and it's very crucial in their lives, haha.

Ok on a serious note, personally, I don't mind this 'unique' person not understanding what our event is for because he can easily join the 'unique' pool. Unfortunately he won't stay unique if he stays in the pool, bahahahah. Ok terpesong, keluar sekarang! Anyway, a misunderstanding is one of the ways of life. The way you unravel it is how wise and responsible you are. And especially RESPECT. Be a wise netizen and don't go shouting the F word without a solid ground to a person much much wiser and most probably more knowledgeable than you are! Buat bikin malu je. Like my friend googled, what does "cakap tak serupa bikin" mean in English? It means "talking in colours" :D So stop talking in colours (or in your case, spitting) and start talking some sense! Boleh? BOLEH CIKGU! hahaha

Side note: NAK MUSHROOM SWISS BURGER FROM BK!!!! Nasib baik bukannya mengidam kalau tak memang lucky betul future laki ku.

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Here is Lee Hyori's new song, Swing. Love it. I just love her. And this is just fresh.

Love it!. Has got nothing to do with me personally, cause I'm good and all that ok. Hehe!

So they say the clown resembles a fun but scary ex-lover or something like that. And she's all wearing black cause she's emotionally 'killed' by the clown. The luggage the clown brings resembles her? And she purposely 'haunts' him with all these memories she brings along with her. Something like REVENGE! TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE like that! Huahuahua. Ok I'm officially crazy. But yea, Hyori's the best. :))

Edit: Ok so I don't think the video is coming out right in my blog as I can't seem to fit it! That's the smallest, I swear! Go watch it yourself in YT ok? :)

credits to owners, subbers, uploaders etc.

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