Stress is beginning to build up on me. Friends are rejecting invitations. Not blaming them but I'm stressed up because I won't know when will be the next time I'll meet them. Obviously my final week here will be untouchable. All is about family next week. Well, will try to.

I can't get anything done around here. Everything's just so hard. No one to mengadu to except this place here where I can't even write what I want. Ish tu pun cannot.

Very disappointing. Balik Glasgow je lah, I'll be happier will I? No, it's different. But here is very disappointing. Not them, but myself inclusive. The peer pressure feels like I'm left out due to a particular reasoning. Owh well.

Can't believe I only have 10 days left. For the first time, I feel like I can't wait to go back.

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All Round


My 22nd birthday was on Raya Eve. So obviously there was no having a meal out or celebrating with friends like previous years. Instead, I spent my precious 22nd with my family, getting ready for Raya! Tiring like hell, almost passed out (again) but it was different for once, and nice too!

This raya seemed and felt a little bit different. Felt better, like we moved on to a new routine and got used to it already. Extra emotional, actually for the first time, during maaf session. Don't know why, I just broke down when I held my Dad's hands. Probably just a huge amount of gratefulness that I got to celebrate raya together, and thankful for all of my parent's sacrifices for me.

Now I just need to make time to fit everyone in the calendar. Sigh.

Not used to opening up to anyone. I wonder what God's plans are for me.

p/s: Have I mentioned I'll be in Plymouth July/Aug 2011?? :)) Have a good remaining raya!

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I know most girls chop their hair as a sign of a change. For the better or to start anew. To be honest that's how I felt. Chop off all the bad 'omens' I've collected for the past year.


That doesn't show I'm DEPRESSED! I am nothing but depressed, my friends. Tell me which summer break do I NOT cut my hair. I don't understand, seriously. Stop assuming I'm miserable, depressed, crying my eyes out. STTTTOOOPPPPPPP! I'm a big girl now, I know what to do. Ok? Sorry I'm not what you think I am. Psh..

In the mean time, do you like my new hair?? :)

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Alhamdulillah, I am so glad and thankful that I am blessed with such good friends.

Today had iftar with them and finally got to catch up with some of them, not all of us could come and join. And now that I'm home, I just can't appreciate enough on how lucky I am to get great old friends. 10 years and counting, guys.

I had good laughs like the usual. Not to say that I never had a hearty laugh in Glasgow. But you know what I mean, it's different with old buddies. You get to catch up, joke around, reminisce, laugh as ugly as you like. :D I just feel so relieved, like all the weight from my shoulders have lifted, like I've forgotten all the problems I have (as if I do).

Thank you. Wishing everyone else could be with us.

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I now have SHORT HAIR!! :))) I have never been happier in having short hair I have no idea why. It's shorter than any short hair you've seen me in.

I won't upload any pictures, cause no one except my family have seen it. He he he he heeeeee, suspense la konon. :) but it looks ok. I'm happy!

I've joined my sister in our jewelry-making venture. Having someone to do them with is better than making them alone. Although I am definitely a bit rusty, hehe.

Tomorrow buka puasa with some friends, finally get to meet them. I feel a bit different about it somehow. Owh well, it's just me thinking too much as usual and being sensitive where I shouldn't. Can't wait! Don't know what to have for iftar though. Fast food? Good food? Fast and good food? Good but slow food? Hmmmm..

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