Happy Birthday, Rasyidin Ayub!

My dearest Rasyidin,

You have always been someone I look up to..
And you still are.

Your love and care is undeniably priceless, you know me better than my parents do..

We have been through sooooo much together; near and far..

On your special day, I pray everything goes well for now and the future.

May your life be governed by your own playlist

Happy 22nd Birthday, me love!


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I will be on hiatus for a few days. Weeks maybe? Still unsure.

This is for private and confidential matters. :) hehehehe

Anyway, I'm already back at home! And wearing a new haircut! Woot!

If you want my phone number, find ways to ask me other than Facebook-ing.
I don't think outside the box now. If it's inside the box, it matters. 
I'm talking CRAP!

Later dudes and dudettes.

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No more countdowns!

I have been MIA because:

1) I've been busy going here and there spending my last weeks with friends here that I might not be able to meet again. Went to Alton Towers (even though it was pouring like nobody's business! We were crazy to still want to queue up for rides under the winter-ish rain. What to do... Dah bayar)

2) Looking for stuffs here and there to bring back home. My account is officially kering, for the first time in 2 years. That's the event of the year, definitely. (Barang rumah, pakaian, barang badan. Haha)

3) At the end of the day, I become too tired to update this spider-webbed blog. Mianhe!

But here I am now! Tired of endless packing. Like seriously, barang semua still nampak banyak in this small room of mine even though I 'packed' them nicely in cases already. What's wrong, barang? 
AND I ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reasons why I don't feel like going back:

1) Too many things to kemas. Not that much things to pack actually (maybe). The flow of packing hasn't come yet. :D

2) Don't think I'll be able to stand the 7 hours-7 hours flight back to KL. If I were to do it like last time, I sleep and by the time I wake up I hear "We are arriving KL" or something like that. And *DING* seat-belts' lights switched on. Yes, I survived in the flight without any food, thank you ***rate*. It wasn't even the fasting month. Should I be optimistic and say "That would feel good! I'll arrive KL in no time!" OR on the other hand say "But I paid for my food, dang it!" Hmmmmmm..

3) I would be only looking forward to work and work and work. No fun this summer, Imi. This year I get to 'escape' the long day puasa. What about next year? Puasa and work. What a good experience, right? Good good. I'm liking it.

I don't quite feel the welcoming vibe of going back unlike last year. Why is that so? I think I know why but I wouldn't want that to be the reason. I regret not being able to 'look forward' to see everyone back home. But maybe that would change once I set my first step? Maybe? Sigh, I hope.

A lot of thinking have been done. And to finally realise my own weakness(es), I feel ashamed. While I smile and laugh I actually hang my head down low. I feel like a coward, an idiot. But what has been done, is done. I cannot turn back time. These are the things that give you the so called 'life experience'? Sigh, I wish.

Why can't you find me on Facebook any longer:
1) Upon realising my weaknesses, Faceb**k gave me a lot of that. I take advantage of my friends and relatives on FB. I don't need to ask "How have you been doing?" because I see them update their status every other hour. Which only shows they're fine. Even if they're not, I know they'll be fine later with another status update. 

2) I get upset even when I'm not supposed to. Your friends go here and there and you only get to know it through FB. THEN, you'll get pissed, upset, disappointed etc. and vice versa. Self-conflict over a small thing isn't really entertaining. And in the end, you'll not only hurt yourself, but others together with you. If you think I'm talking crap, that's fine. An opinion is just an opinion. :) Of course there's the good side of it, getting to get back in touch with long lost friends, and of course friends that you won't meet that much anymore. Obviously I realise that too. But my Class B weighing scale isn't stable.

3) I'll be back in FB sooner or later, so don't worry. ;)

Kesimpulannya, I do this because I love uollz! hahaha 

So if you're in Malaysia, I'll see you soon hopefully. Everyone please pray for me a good journey back home, and dijauhi dari jangkitan kebabian. AMIN.

p/s: I make mistakes, I realise them, what happens after that?

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Answer me

3 days..

I don't feel like going back.


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Make Me See

You can either see too much, or too less. In just 24 hours, I've come to know that I see both. 

I see more. I see stuff that I don't want to about people's life. A friend to be exact. I don't want to know such sad endings through my dreams. I would rather them telling me and seeing it with my own eyes to believe it. I guess God is testing me. What should I do? Should I keep it to myself, or should I tell?

I always think I'm selfless. Whenever I'm around with friends or family, I care about their well-beings first. Why should I care about myself when caring for them means caring for me as well. That's what I think.

But you make me see otherwise. I want you to understand me, but I never seem to want to understand you. Why is that so? That is just unacceptable of me. And now that I realize, I feel sorry for myself, for us, for everything. You taught me things I would never find out on my own. With that, never say that I don't need you, that you're not needed. That is why, I see less.

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I guess you used up all your 9 lives.

I didn't even get to see you get well.

You left home so we won't see you finish up your 9 lives, right?

I'll miss you!!


RIP Surya

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