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Firstly, Happy Fasting to all my Muslim readers! Salam Ramadhan, may this Ramadhan be better than our previous Ramadhan.

I have finished work and currently quite missing the place. Always keep telling people stories of work and lone-vacation. :)

Now I am occupied with moving to my new flat. The flat is wonderful and I absolutely love it! It's unfurnished, so I had a few trips trying to find furnitures and other home stuff for the flat. I will be staying with my sister. I'm still staying at my old flat because I haven't found myself a bed yet! Grrrr. And all my belongings are still in my old room, and finding a suitable date to move them. SO BLOODY EXCITED!

I'm going back home to Kajang next Thursday. I can't believe it. I'm not prepared at all! My stuff are all over the place! I'll be going back for exactly a month. And I just realised I'll be back here on a Sunday afternoon and class starts the next day. Bijak Izati ni, bijak.

Not mentally and emotionally prepared at all to face everyone. But seriously people, don't take me seriously when I say I'm not fine. That was just during that mili-second and the next I am absolutely fine!! Pfft. So don't be saying here and there that I am miserable cause if you're here in Glasgow, the only thing that is miserable is the not-so-summer weather. I am far from miserable, put that in your head. Believe me. Geram betul aku, bukannya you even talk to me ke apa pun to know how I feel ke apa ke. Senang-senang buat kesimpulan. I'm just losing weight sebab puasa, tu jeeeerrrrr. Jangan over-analyze please?

Ok, I'm at the miserable (haha) library here during my summer break, now THAT'S miserable. And I have to head home now to charge me phone and call me parents and then head back out to town to sort me bank details and all that jazz. TOODLES!

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The pain has come.

It's a delayed reaction.

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Gain and Lost

So many things to say yet so little time (actually just plainly no time to write). This week is the last week I'm working and I haven't been put to a place for my preregistration training yet after I graduate. I'll have to harass them. :)

Friends in Glasgow are harassing agents to find me a suitable flat. I'm hoping everything will go well. Did I mention, I'LL BE STAYING WITH MY SISTER NEXT YEAR! Don't have to mention my current agent. What cheeky bastards they are, it's just disgusting.

Blogspot is still being funny.

I'm going back to Glasgow next Tuesday night. And then after that Tuesday, it'll be just over two weeks till I go back home. Home sweet home. Mentally unprepared!!

Currently I'm missing a particular friend right now, terasa drifted apart. I think I can guess why but I hope that's not the reason. Sad, really sad. Not gonna talk about it, feel so childish. People do get drifted apart, so I'll just have to accept that.

I don't know how to pack up all my stuff. I don't think they're all under 20kg. EFF!

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