Have I mentioned in this blog that I passed my 3rd year as a pharmacy student and I can go to my MPharm 4th year? No?



I have no idea how I've forgotten to post this great great news here. I mean the moment I saw my results, I took out my phone and got to the calculator app and straight away counted my average and I PASSED!! I literally cried of gratefulness, terus sujud syukur!!

Anyway, let's all pray for a good and a much better final year for me, aye? :))

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Do it

The only downside of travelling alone is you think. You're not suppose to think when you're travelling!

Its as if you hold your head and knock it on the pavement.

And I realise I've been brushing them off, setting them aside, just couldn't let myself turn to face them.

I'm doing it well. My logic is doing well.

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Weekend Walk

It's already the end of my second week here in Taunton. Time flies by very quickly, aye?

I've been wondering what to do on weekends on my own. Member takda, semua orang tua-tua. That girl hasn't contacted me ever since and so I felt like I didn't wanna bother her. And so I'm on my own!! It's kind of a good but a bad thing as well.

So for this weekend my tutor has been telling me to go on the 'Tarka Line', somewhere through/from Barnstaple. But that's a bit of a far stretch for me to go alone on my second week. (Hinting maybe later on I will do it. ;p)

Through the power of Google, I searched and searched of a few other possible things I could travel to. There was Sidmouth, Exeter, Beer, Pecorama, Dartmoor and so many other places recommended by people. If you try searching for their images, then yeah, those are the kind of places that I WANT to visit! I want to be blown away by beautiful sceneries, beaches, coast lines. Just blow me away, Devon!!

There was an interesting idea that was reviewed and I feel like I'm up to the challenge. "A 5-miles walk from Branscombe to Beer through the coast line and back inland." Not that big of 'challenge', I mean I walk about a mile to school every single day in Glasgow, so 5 miles would be ok, right? Right? The bonus is the scenic view! I can't wait. I want to do it. I'll bring a book, lunch box, definitely sunblock. :)

We'll see how it goes. Very excited! But as Mum always say, "Jangan berangan, nanti tak jadi." So OK Mum, I won't berangan. Instead I'll plan! :D So very early on Saturday morning I will go to the train station, and ask what's the best way to go to Beer. Yes, that I will do. And we will see what will wait for me. I will embrace it happily, insyaAllah.

Btw, did I mention my tutor boasted about me to the pharmacist that I was originally supposed to work with? :) I hope I could do a good job towards my remaining 6 weeks. Crossing my fingers!

Anyway, please pray for my safety in travelling which is what I've been wanting to do since I first stepped onto the grounds of UK, and please pray for me so that I could and would do good for my placement here. THANK YOU LOVES!

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Happy Father's Day!

When I was much younger in my pre-school days, I would call Daddy as "D" while he would call me as "B" and I allowed NO ONE ELSE to call me by that. Except my dearest Daddy. :)

Such a calm and collected dad, so many achievements that are so inspiring, yet so down to earth that even WE don't know them. All we know is that when he reaches home, he will of course do work but he will never mention them. As I would meet his students occasionally, they would tell me of some of his works etc. and they were surprised I didn't know anything about it! Hahaha.

Dad is in the "quiet group" of the family, as Azrina and I call them. They would sit together and as if talk with their minds while the other extreme group is the "laugh as loud as you can" group. That's where I come from, of course. HAHA!

I was watching Michael McIntyre's show last night and he was talking about how dads give cool and "out of your mind" advices and that's because they lie! Hahaha. But we would always believe them! Obviously, Mum would always, ALWAYS be the main victim and all of us would laugh on it hard!

Do you find it weird that whenever mothers say anything, we tend to justify it first, not to mention quarrel. But when fathers told us to do anything, we would do it STRAIGHT AWAY, no hesitations whatsoever. It feels like a law! :))

He is a man I look up to. The love he has for his wife and family is just unmeasurable. My sister and I would always giggle and joke around on how Mum and Dad would ALWAYS wear matching clothes whenever they go out. And we, would have the pleasure of having the headache in choosing them.

*won't mention anything about his beloved car, always under its own blanket during the night or it will 'catch a cold'. :)*

Anyway, I love you, Dad. You are my inspiration and my strength, my idol. May you be protected by The Almighty, given good health and cherished with all His love, now and forever towards Jannah.

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The other side

I'm getting used to talking in English accent now, and not Scottish. Haha

I've only been here for 5 days and I should say it feels like a breath of fresh air. Actually, it's one of those typical places and neighborhood you would ever imagine, but actually living in one and knowing them is another feeling. Also getting to know people who lives in one of those nice villages with big big farms, just like in the movies. The weather has been nice too. It's the first day of summer here, officially. And there was not a single cloud today! Didn't help that our air-conditioning doesn't work. Roastedddddddd.

The landlady I'm living with, Lesley, is such a dear. Although it's only the 3rd day of work she's constantly asking if the place is ok, whether the travel was good etc. Yes, I'm not really working in the centre of Taunton now. Instead I was transferred to a place called Norton Fitzwarren. As they say, just at the outskirts of Taunton. I was lucky enough to know a kind colleague, Ellie that could give me a ride. A soft-spoken yet tough girl, she is. "I'm a farm girl and I ride my small car like a four-by-four~! :))" Hehe. (yes, she does)

Anyway, the first few days has been quite the same thing as my intern at the hospital last summer. I was telling myself how last summer is really helping me in this as I pick things up very quickly. But just at the dispensary. Once I meet a customer, I forget all the things I've learnt how to do in classes. I regret being a little bit unconfident when Lindsay, my tutor, suggested that I should handle a customer on my own. Wonder what she'll think of that, then, when I should've been excited to do it. What a waste of PP3, huh? Ironically, Lindsay studied in Glasgow!

I've met quite a lot of Malaysians during our Welcome Day on Monday. In fact there were five of us, out of 12. One of them is working in Taunton itself while the others are spread across West Somerset. Shanice, the one working in Taunton had the same idea of doing summer intern here: Weekend Vacay!! WOOHOOO! We quickly exchanged numbers and hope that work won't get us busy. Everyone keeps saying that 8 weeks will just fly by. Hmmm.

I'm only eating fish, vege and fruits now (plus the norm breakfast) since I have yet to venture around looking for a halal meat butcher. Hopefully there is cause I don't really know how to cook fish that well!! Plus I have to bring my own lunch, because there's literally nothing there. The store is right in the middle of the road with new housing areas at the opposite side and so far I didn't see any shops that I could go to to mingle about.

And it's the same as last summer during work as well, I sleep a lot earlier. It's only half 10 here but I'm already getting sleepy.

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You told me so

I'm leaving..

To Taunton this Saturday!!!!!


My luggage is 19.7kg!!!!!! URGHHHHH and so I tell myself, it's okay, just bring those important clothes, and you can buy SOME MORE in Taunton. :)))))))))))))))))))))

What's making my luggage near its limit when its only half full? I brought all my jewelry stuff. Ehehehe. Hopefully I'll be bored in that small town and will be inspired to do my jewelry. If not then I'm gonna be mad at myself for bringing that whole lot!!

Anyway, my room is almost empty. Except for some pictures on the wall and stuff that I still need to use, and some books. I've also packed some story books for me to read there. BAH, we'll see how it goes. I bet you I'll be stuck in front of my laptop ALL THE TIME.

I'm so scared on what is prepared for me in Taunton.

Side note: I'm so sick of my long hair. Can't wait to cut it short when I get back home!

Owh speaking of home, I've been looking at tickets to go back home, their prices are ok but the thing is I still can't see how I'm gonna manage my time and stuff so I still have not made my decision. I know I should be quick or the price will go shooting up!

Can't wait to meet the cat that will be teman-ing me during my summer-away! Hari-hari I will gomol-gomol him, I don't care!! :)

Btw now you can say, "I told you so!" :)

Will be posting from Taunton next!

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Urge to Splurge

On my recent trip to the city centre, the aim was to do some grocery shopping for the recent birthday bash's dessert, and to look for casual slacks/trousers for work during the summer later. Plus also a good pair of shoes.

However obviously being a girl that hasn't splurged since.. since.. hmmm, since way before exams maybe? Not sure. NOT including internet shopping of course. *grin* That's more for my jewelry stuff instead for myself. Anyhooooooo. I think maybe only 1 in 10 females stick to their shopping list, if they even have one.

So instead of
A pair of trousers
A pair of shoes

I got

Two pairs of trousers. It's a hard catch for someone like me to find a good pair of trousers that fit PERFECTLY! Proudly from River Island. Belts inclusive. Also provided I don't gain back my weight. My bontot is now normal and can now wear a size 6. It won't last, believe me.

A top from Miss Selfridge. They were having a sale. It was for £5. I needed a happy, joyful-looking top to match the season. Alasan, yes.

Three tops from Zara. Again, sale. Also since there's only one Zara in the city centre and it happens to be the furthest shop from my flat, my trip HAS GOT to be worth it.

A Radley purse. I know you must be thinking, "WHERE THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM?!" I have no idea. Fraser's was only across from Zara. It was raining so I just ran through the door to go to the Men's area to look for stuff. They were having a two day sale on the handbag area. THE PURSE WAS SO CUTE I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT! Owh, I didn't even go up to the Men's area. :)) Owh not forgetting a Ted Baker credit card purse? Ehehe. It was for £5!!! Who wouldn't get that?! If I'm not gonna use it I can sell it, right. Plus, I use my cards more often then I need to carry cash. In case you're wondering, no I don't have credit cards. HAHAH IT'S NOT POINTLESS! :D

No pairs of shoes. The one I liked from Aldo was GONE!! At least I looked for it right. And then I got tired.

Groceries. Gladly!! Did I mention I almost cried because I couldn't choose which biscuits to get. Thank God for big sunnies. Must be the hormones, and the holiday stress (there's such thing right?) and the whole shopping spree around town alone. :) But as usual, dessert turned out to be awesommeeee. FYI, I chose Oreo's over Mandy's, I think?

On a side note, I watched Sex and The City 2 that night and boy was I underdressed!!! WTH its just a movie, you don't have to wear a cocktail dress! T.T Also if you haven't watched the movie, better not unless you're a real real real real die hard fan. I prefer the first one. More laughs and eye-bulging, double takes, mouth gaping scenarios. The second one is more of a realistic thing I guess, like a lesson. BOOOOORIIIINGG. Hehe!

Going to Centre Parcs this weekend. Much needed de-stressor!

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