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Happy New Year

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Happy Birthday, Fadzril!

To my dearest friend, Fadzril @ Popo

We have come a loooong long way.
Dari kurus ke gemuk ke kurus ke gemuk ke comel ke handsome..

Never in the same class, same sports, but we've remained close since 13.

You're a friend I'll always cherish.

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

You're finally legal! not like you care. :D


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A Precious Gift..

Got a special, special gift for my 21st from one of the very few who really understands me, someone I can trust and share my problems with; the clown in my life, my support since young.

Unfortunately, I just realised I'm allergic to it.

But I'll treasure it dearly. 

The white gold is under guarantee for life.

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Snow in Glasgow!


Looks like you're sprinkling icing sugar.

The aftermath this morning.

RANDOM: We made roti canai!

Dahl was the awesome-est!

The havoc..

And the result! Walaupun tak menjadi, what the heck. :)

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Happy out of my wits! And New Year!

I had a dispensing class test last week. Although the marks aren't counted towards the final, I was still worried on how I did. Four prescriptions to be done in 2 hours; I was done half an hour before time was up, and was second to leave.

This evening we had a feedback session on our test. Know how I did?


YaAllah, alhamdulillah.... Syukurnya tak terhingga. Even if the test wasn't counted for, I was still happy, and still am! I got a positive mark, and I passed! Atas pagar betul-betul but heck, at least tak dapat negative marks. 

But I can't sleep peacefully yet. Marks for my anxiety essay is still not up yet. I'll get my Pharmacy Practice marks tomorrow. And I have another test on Thursday until I can say 'Merdeka!' for the semester! Can't wait..

For my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, Awal Muharram (the Month of Allah) 1431H is coming soon. May Allah swt forgive us of our sins over the year and may the year to come be full of goodness and virtue, insyaAllah. 

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Diet regime

Q: How do you lose 2 inches off your waist and 1.5 inches off your hip?

A: Simple.

Take an MPharm course available near you NOW!


Yes, I just realised I lost that much measurement. It was yesterday that I realised it because I wore one of my skinniest skinnies and it's actually quite lose! I don't like it at all.

FACT: From University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS), it says people with apple-shaped bodies face more health risks when compared to people who are pear-shaped

So, know if you have a healthy waist to hip ratio HERE!

I'm pear and I have 0.71 ratio. That's healthy! :)

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Cat got you?

Called Mum just now. She told me a 2 meter long snake came into our house compound. (I have no idea how large it was, my mum was too excited telling the story.) 

And then she saw the snake made a U-turn. Why?

Because Tiki chased it away!!! HAHAHA. Who's the scaredy cat now, huh??

No, not this cat. This is Gordon The Fat Cat. Very useless. 

Kesimpulannya: Bela kucing? Bukan! Kenalilah local bomba anda. :) 

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Summer calendar, already.

Previously stated, I will be doing my summer internship at Taunton, Somerset for two whole months. 

Good news is that I have a friend who has worked in a hospital there before and she said the place is absolutely safe, the weather is absolutely different than Scotland (definitely better!) and the people are absolutely nice. ABSOLUTELY!

Ok so the job starts on the June 14th next year and will probably end mid August. And then YAHOOOO I can go back home and enjoy the rest of my hopefully nice summer. Until the end of September, I'll be able to celebrate raya, spend time with family, friends and him. 

But like how I've always mentioned, jangan berangan, nanti sure tak jadi.....

So here's the downfall.

After I graduate, I'll have to pass a one year pre-registration training so that I can practice as a registered pharmacist (considering I pass the registration exam as well). That's the plan, aside from working for 5 years with UEM. It'll be easier if I get my practice license here right. 

That was just a plan. I never thought it through, never seen or studied through any documents I have to have etc. Turns out the dateline for pre-reg. course in Scotland would be June. Yes, June next year after I finish 3rd year.

After I apply, I go for my intern and get good impression (I have to get them from hospitals during the next semester as well) and after I finish I have to wait till September for the interview. 

INTERVIEW OF MY PRE-REG.! SEPTEMBER! 8th, 9th, or 10th. Fixed dates. No changing. OHMYGDRAGON.

Even if I get the earliest interview on the 8th, I'll jump on the next flight the following day (and I get to spend my birthday in the airway. How exciting.). Raya would be a few days after and I have till the final weekend of September to get my ass back into The Gloomy Glasgow. That's like what, 3 weeks only??? Sigh..

Haven't told my parents bout this yet. Yes I've told them I'll be in Taunton, but the interview part.. Not yet. I've told me love about it and I don't seem to have any feedback yet. Hmmmm.... I'm scared?

Just this gets me stressed. I get stressed so easily these days, I need to get a hold of myself! I'm actually worried about a handful of things that is just too personal, I can't share them here and I haven't told anyone yet. Not a single soul! Not until I get them sorted and figured out first or if not people would think I'm a psycho or something. 

I pray I'll stay well along this journey of mine and that the choices I make will be the best and will be understood and accepted by others. AMIN.

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My laptop has been misbehaving lately. If at another time, I could really tolerate with it. But not now, when all this stress is going on. 

I don't know why but this noise just makes me a crazy person! I feel like I should be diagnosed with something! (damn these CNS lectures)

Maybe sebab habuk or ada something longgar ke apa ke, I don't knowwww.

You have no idea how sakit my right hand is right now for pukul-ing the poor laptop, with all my might I have to say. I even took my water bottle and hit the laptop numerous times. I carefully but surely toss it onto my bed or at worse times, onto the table. When I'm at loss I even hold my hands up to my ears and just cry.

The noise is just like the finishing touch, the cherry on top of my scoops and scoops of stress. And because of it, I fall over. I cry before I go to sleep. I abuse my own laptop. Because of a small thing. My goodness, I AM crazy. Aagh.

While all this is happening, while I was sobbing myself to sleep, there was even this particular thought in my head.
"If I were to be this impatient over a noisy laptop, and I smash it all over the place, I don't know how I'd handle my own kids." (If I'm lucky to get my own, of course).

Seriously, I just can't handle it!

What's doing my head in?

A couple of things:

The terrible weather

The cold I just caught and how inconvenient it is

The weeks that is left till winter break which are full of tests

The "read my mind, Imi" syndrome and the "I expect you to understand, Imi" syndrome. 
I don't have time for such nonsense

Most importantly,

The fucking laptop that's making stupid fucking noises after 5 minutes of switching it on.
Yes, I've actually banged the laptop on the table due to frustration


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