Guess what I got in my mail box this evening??

The famous writing. :) Tak payah tengok who's the sender pun I would know.

Aww. Love them gifts!

Thank you very much NJ! I know you stalk my blog so this entry is dedicated to you. :)

And yes, its snowing heavily here. "Let it Snow!"

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I'm. Feeling. Nauseous.

Must be due to the shock of cold weather.

I have a class test this Friday and I haven't started studying.

Head is too heavy and my insides feel like coming out. I don't have them damn butterflies, I have them slugs!

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Run then Pause

So many things have been happening. I've just realised there were lots of tagged pictures of me on my Facebook over last weekend, and it was (obviously) only over the weekend!

We went to Corinthian, like I said. And it was the night of Teera's birthday!! It was alright, to be honest the DJ wasn't doing a good job. So we went downstairs and enjoyed till late! By the time we went out, it was foggy, surprisingly quiet as everyone else finishes an hour earlier, AND our feet hurts! We literally just walked over 100m and had to sit at the pavement to take a rest. :D The next day: Open house raya. Kekeke

Macam TV sitcom melayu wannabe tak? Hehehe

Teera and I after having one of our best night outs of the YEAR.

I had to go to Edinburgh on Wednesday for my hospital attachment. I had to take the half past 7 train and then take the bus to the hospital which I am soooooo hopeless at, taking a bus! It also meant I had to wake up early. BLUEKH. After I've reached Edinburgh, the bus I was expecting didn't turn up! And suddenly a big red bus was approaching with a big sign on top, "Western Genaral (H)". I was like, "YES! Let's just hop on this one!". Then I asked the driver, "Could you tell me the stop for Western General?" and he replied, "Neh, you'll see it. It's huge!". Ok whatever. I reached there right on time and met my partner, only to be told by the staff "We
didn't expect you until 10!". OK again. Well at least I don't have to wake up as early next week.

Anyway, my deadline was coming near for my draft intro and honestly I was stressed out because I've reached over the maximum. There's just too much to mention on warfarin. Boring notes aside, I made it through! We had to put our draft into Turnitin, to evaluate the originality of our reports and minimize plagiarism. I had 13% which is OK since we need to get less than 15%.

We also went to the pre-opening of Uncle Kush and Aunty Ahnis's cafe called Kafe Wau! I feel that it'll be a great place and my prayers are with them and the cafe! I can feel it in my bones. :) Despite the cold weather, we took 'Three Steps to Heaven'. It was heavenly.

Us at the cafe. Behind the counter but acting like customers! Haha

Heavenly heaven. Especially in the cold weather.

And right before Glasgow Games 2010, it snowed. Terribly. Like a blizzard! This is the first time I've seen Glasgow white on the first fall of snow! I peeked outside my window and some people were walking backwards cause the wind was too strong to face! Poor them Friday night out go-ers.
Pre-GG10. The weather was super cold but the sun and sky was awesome! Rare occasion, that was.

The boys clearing up the pitch for football.

I wouldn't actually say it was a good two weeks or so. But it was definitely 'full of life'. As if I've got nothing better to do la kan. I've got a major class test next Friday and I haven't started shit. And I'm already catching a cold since it was so bloody sejuk today during GG10 and couldn't feel my toes at all! Up to my ankles!! And now that I've got a cold, I'm growing impatient and grumpy and cranky. Great! :)

Imma take my sleep now (with Walkabout blaring across the road and the abangs kakaks pakciks and makciks singing their throats out the karaoke bar downstairs.) Just great! :)

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Blog posts setakat ni semua emotional. Tak patut tak patut.

Friday ni going to The Corinthian with the Greeks! Weeeehoooooooo.

Never actually been to the place and tengok dari luar je selalu especially since I was neighbours dengan Corinthian ni during first year. hehe. Orang posh2 je pergi, atas kepala pun kena ada bunga. huahuahua. Oleh itu, my preparation dah siap. Dress dah beli, kasut pakai je la apa yang ada.
:D :D :D

Good news. I got a new baby nephew!! His name is Alif. :) Can't wait to meet him! Ntah bila la tu :( Prolly when he's already running about. Hoho.

Will post up pictures from Corinthian. (tengah pikir orang2 kat Corinthian bawak ke camera pun?? Hmmmmm)

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The feeling of not able to turn anywhere and just be myself and just be on my own. To just let your emotions go and allow them to burst. Sometimes I feel like walking around town at night, but I don't live by the river anymore to get fresh air. And I don't take nicotine anymore like the Cheryl Tweedy in me, so that's a bit worthless. Can't even cry in the rain cause its too cold! Haha.

I was really really, extremely upset yesterday with a friend who's forgotten his promise. It's not what I would call a 'promise' but if I say the word then I'd let the cat out of the bag. And I don't want that to happen because he's a good friend of mine. I needed to get it out of my system, but to whom? Not anyone here, or the news would start again. Fuck, this is complicated. I hate that trait of him. What the fuck is he thinking of now?? Is he just going to take advantage of all this??

I'm not the type of person to confront someone. Unless it's really extreme. I'm not a strong person. I'll be the helpless ostrich among the bunch, slamming my head into the ground just to hide away from problems and thinking they would solve on their own. I can't even be strong for my friends even when they needed me the most. And I'll be the selfish one to look for their comfort and support. I'm talking bull crap.

I feel like I need my own space, to just be alone, to keep in touch with myself. And now I miss my lone-ventures. Going to new places and breathe in their air and not care of anything. I went through the pictures of me going to Devon, they were gorgeous. I miss the places. Memories are only excuses. These, are good experiences.

Hate is more of what I'm feeling now.

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Drained out Weekend

So I went to Nottingham Games this year for the second time ever since my first year. :) Glad to say we managed to get THREE buses from Glasgow! And I heard Edinburgh had one bus. Whooping four buses from Scotland.

Trip was nice. We left at 11pm Friday night after the fireworks display. OBVIOUSLY too early to leave as trip to Notts should only take us 6-ish hours. So yea, plus the rempit driving of the three buses, we managed to get our butts in front of the Sports Centre at 4.50am. YES! It was freakin' cold and we had no where to go.

We bumped into two of the committees and they said they could arrange the SC to open early at 5.30am. Our drivers are getting anxious as they wanted to leave and take a nap. How helpful! So we sorted out everyone's breakfasts and got out of the bus about 5.30am like promised, only to be told the SC could not be opened, and can only be done so at 7am. Bummer. What's worse was that all three buses left! Hmph.

So we were told by that committee person that we could walk to Portland Building for 20-ish minutes or wait till 7am for the SC to open. We decided to walk because I swear it was colder than Glasgow at that point! IT WASN'T EVEN 20 MINUTES! Over betul. It was less than 10 minutes.

We got to the PB with some persuading of the security and got all 140 people into the building to have our breakfasts. Only to be told off by another one of the committee member to leave the building. Reason was "It's the policy." When asked where we should go when nothing's opened, she said "You should wait in front of the SC supposedly." "Well it's not opened yet." "Yea, most of the committees are still asleep." Is that a legit reason? But anyway, we left and walked slowly back to SC just in time. Whilst enjoying the nice autumn scenery. Nasib baik kan? Haha. Enough with the rants.

Hugging Farah for some warmth!

Budget concentrate tengok jejaka2 main for finals.

After watching our netball team!

So the usual goes by like any other year. Pergi makan-makan, jalan-jalan, tengok a few games, meet up with Farah, and loads of juniors from KYS, gila berlambak rasa macam tua je. Come to think of it, should've asked around for people from Plymouth kut-kut la ada. Since kononnya I'm gonna work there next year after I graduate. Tapi owh well, dah over. Anyway, the weather was AWESOME! The sun was out, it was cool yet you could still feel the heat. Should've brought my sunnies, damn it. (They said it rained in Glasgow that day. Lebat! Nasib baik aku turun Notts!)

The night was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cold! We watched our netball team doing their thang, and then watched finals for football while shivering our brains out. By half 7 at night we were in the bus, starting our journey back home to Glasgow. Slept through the trip back home much easier compared to the trip down to Notts. And we arrived at 2-ish in the morning? I think? Yea.

Hall was too full we literally sat on the floor, Msian style!

Cold is kickin' in!

It was a good trip, definitely. Tired out of my wits feel like all my limbs are gonna fall off due to the cold, but it could be worse right? I remember it was that cold even during the day the first time I went to Notts Games. Crazy. I had fun, met old friends and school mates, random people I haven't met for years, too. Tapi tak kenal orang-orang baru like last time. Dang. Most of them are younger than me, rasa tua. Hahahahaha.

I feel like sleeping and sleep and just sleep and continue sleeping because I'm still mentally and physically tired! :)

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