You Lost Me

credit: yayforcbs@youtube

You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera.

So beautiful. Sooooo soulful. Ain't it? :)

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Year End





I wish! haha.

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What If

Thinking of the what ifs, knowing it won't happen.

I did better when I didn't try, so maybe I should just stop. Right?

Time for a spice. Memories are only just excuses at this point.

For my own f*cking good, I shouldn't bottle it up. But it's been done, and now all that I'm doing is trying to not overflow it. Stupid.

Forgive me, this is the only place in the whole world that I can express myself. Other than God.

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Candy Jewel

Yes I'm promoting my own jewelry blog. :)

It's not much yet but more will come. Put it on your bookmark aite? And don't forget to share it!

p/s: We only do it in the UK currently, but will definitely tell when we go international! :)

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Matt Cardle

I want Matt Cardle to serenade me to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Sigh, jarang daku cair dengan celebrity. Hihihi fangirl mode sikit.


Credit: TheXFactorUK

He will be great later on! I know it! It's only 2nd week and he's already great. He'll grow, I tell you! :))))

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I'm actually back in Glasgow already. It's been a week.

'I am a Girl' talking:

Harini first day period and my calendar is wrong. Stupid app. Pinggang sakit nak mati. What's worse that could happen? Owh. Of course. Having all my songs deleted from my iPod. My iPod IS COMPLETELY SONG-LESS now apart from those that I bought which I might say is not more than 10 at all. Lessons, lessons. OMG TOLONG LAH DEPRESSED NAK MATI!!!!!!!!! And everytime I see Asda's adverts on their yummy donuts and all, I get sad. TOLONGGGGG. I feel so stupid. T.T And tomorrow's Sunday already! WTF. And and my classes takdala sebanyak last year but but but. Urghhhhhhhh.


Honest confession:

Harini 'borak' with Teddy and realised betapa sedihnya daku kerana tak dapat jumpa as promised. Before I left pun takda bunyi (not that I expected it) tapi rasa-rasanya macam sebelum tu ada cakap something as if nak contact? Or I'm plain daft? Anyway, saya sekarang seorang perempuan cepat terasa especially with old friends. Ok please slap me in the butt, thank you very much. Ever since you know what happened la kan, I'm a bit more sensitive, rasa macam, rasa macam, it's indescribable. Only God knows. But as usual aku ni suka berlakon as if I'm okay. Tapi memang I'm okay pun so whatever lah.


Let's end this post for good. I'm sad and depressed and disappointed over my iPod. Stupid.

On a cheerful note, have you guys watched this? It's been awhile dah pun actually, but suddenly felt like sharing this. I like! Imagine me saying 'stupid' at 0:59 like that. HAHA suka ok. Suka. Enjoy!

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