Pack up

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighhh. That's what I've been doing the whole day today, sighing. Not healthy, ladies, not healthy.

On Tuesday I made a day trip down to Taunton. Took a flight to Bristol in the morning. ALMOST COULDN'T MAKE IT! OMG, I was swearing the bus driver every few minutes and was telling myself, "Shit shit shit shit I'm not gonna make it." Imagine, it says that the gate closes at 8.25am on the boarding pass and the bus arrived on - yes my friends, 8.25am. Well it's probably my fault at first because I woke up late, ignored my first alarm and when I got to the bus station the bus was already reversing. T.T

And no, it wasn't at it's stop yet. THERE WAS A LONG LONG QUEUE TO GET INTO THE AIRPORT AND EVEN THE CAB DRIVER IN THE QUEUE WAS READING A NEWSPAPER!!! So I just had to tell the driver that I have to get off NOW and HERE and I ran my heart and legs out and my God, it felt like forever to reach the gate! Thank God for good pair of shoes. Thank God for online check-in. :) Anyway, I made my way through the securities, and even the man said, "Run, girl!". Hahaha budus. The gate was far as well so another marathon for me. And I was right on time. :) *Smug* People were queueing up to get onto the plane.

Since it was a morning flight, I think I was the only one dressed casually with my MJ on my hand and my iPod. Everyone else were probably on their business trips. Haha.

Got to Bristol airport, I realised it was warmer than Glasgow, it has that humidity. Although there was no sun and just clouds, its still a bit warmer. Very nice. Took the bus to Temple Meads train station and the same thing happened again. I was one minute late for the train to Taunton. It was quite an old looking train station and I couldn't understand the timetable and the only thing I knew for sure was that the next train was in one hour's time. URGHHHHHH.

One hour later, I was on my one hour trip to Taunton!!! The scenery was great, so spacious and comfortable! (No, I'm not talking about the train seat, hehe). Felt so jakun and foreign because I'm so used to being in a city. Hehe.

Got to Taunton and I don't know what the temperature was but it surely was HOT! Met Lesley, my landlady at her place at took a peek at the room. It's small and all but its just nice for a short stay, I mean it's not like I'll be there for a whole term right. And finally met her cat, Siam (pronounced as Sa-yem). Soooooo calm but friendly and he knows he's the big boss! Hehe then we had lunch and took a walk to the town. Lesley and I, not Siam and I, haha I wish! It was sooooooooo soooooooooo warm. After that I took a final glance of Taunton and took my train back to Bristol. I slept most of the time.

Once I reached Bristol I told myself I have 2 hours to go around. They say the large shopping centre is heavenly heaven so I was looking for it. After say about 20 minutes walk (?) I finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!! And honestly I wasn't even close to being impressed. St Enoch's is even better. But then I realise what everyone was talking bout. It's not THAT mall, its the place next to it, called Cabot Circus if I'm not mistaken. OMG. Now THAT'S shopping heaven. It's like a pedestrian street shopping area but there are also indoor places like small malls? I don't know how to explain it and memory doesn't serve me well. Time wasn't on my side really and I kept telling myself "Shit shit shit I don't have time to shop!!!! What a pity!" But then I guess it's a good thing, I don't have a luggage to carry everything together into my flight back to Glasgow. I thought "Hmm I'll get this in Glasgow" Hahaha.

As I was starting to feel tired and exhausted from walking under the sun, I saw Starbucks around the corner near the river and was joyful imagining myself sipping a grande caramel frappucino coffee. BUT THEY RAN OUT OF IT! I was soooo, well, disappointed. But I really needed a cool drink so I settled with that raspberry ice blended tea thingy, I needed the sugar. :)

I walked towards the train station to get to the bus stop to go to the airport but it was still early. So I took a seat in a small park and I felt as if I was jet lagged from the exhaustion! Seriously, my eyes felt swollen and tired. And while sitting there, resting my blistered feet, having my cool drink with dogs running here and there, the warm sun and not-so-cool breeze had me thinking on lots of things. Suddenly I was so afraid of the future, like will I graduate on time? What's gonna happen after that, will I be a great employee at a great company? Will I be here or back in Malaysia?

And suddenly I felt lonely. I don't really have friends here like back home where I can tell just anything at all. No. Frankly and honestly speaking, it's like I have no where to turn to be it for happy or sad news. Of course I share good good memories with people here, they're like my family. I laugh the most with them. But I don't share anything with my real family either so maybe that's the same? People come and go here, maybe that's why. My social skills aren't great then, hehe. So there I was in the middle of the foreign Bristol on my own, missing my friends back home. Especially my girls.

Finally took the bus to the airport, went through the securities, and I was there on time when the flight status suddenly changed. DELAYED. Just great. Sarcasm note aside, it was kind of great. I finally got my caramel frapuccino!!!!! The Starbucks was right in front of my gate. Hehe so glad. And of course, I might as well get my dinner, right.

It was tiring, the trip. But it was nice to be able to clear my head, get my thoughts straight and acknowledge for once what I feel. Because I never really listen to myself. I don't have pictures of the trip, it feels awkward and tourist-y to be taking pictures. :) But now I'm looking forward for my short stay! I'm glad I made the decision to do my intern in Taunton. And no, population dia takda la sikit sangat! Ramai je orang!! Heheheh.

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Delivery Man that doesn't deliver

I'm writing this with full of anger and disappointment and everything except joy and happiness!!! YAYTK!!!!!!!!! Fuh fuh fuh sabar.

So I have been ordering things online, such as wires for my jewelries etc and have been looking forward to them. Surprisingly they dispatched it after just a few hours of ordering and that got me more excited!

On Monday I was supposed to get one of my parcels but this stupid effing postman only left a notice card saying "Sorry you were out.." bla bla bla. HELL-O!!! I WAS IN THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME AND I DIDN'T EVEN HEAR YOU BUZZ!! Excuse my french but I really am pissed!!!

Okay fine, takpa. I had the mood today to go out and pick up my stuff from the post office yang jauhnya agak jauh, and was feeling light as I was really looking forward to my parcel. I had a feeling my second parcel would arrive today because I received an email from them saying it's been dispatched, and since it's a next-day-delivery, memang patut la kan sampai today.

So I waited until noon to actually do anything, but nope, no sound from the buzzer what so ever. Maybe it's not meant to arrive today. So I took my shower, got ready (dengan mata bengkak dan gatal macam siut je kan) and went out to go to the post office. Before I got out the main door of our building, I took a peek at our postbox. And guess what. GUESS WHAT MY DEAR FRIENDS. THERE IT WAS ANOTHER NOTICE TIMED 11.20AM SAYING I WASN'T AT HOME TO RECEIVE MY MAIL. KEPALA HOTAK MAKCIK DIA LAWA!!!


I took both of the cards and went to post office, hari ni dah la panas gila jalan berpeluh2, and when I got there obviously I could only get the first parcel sebab the other parcel tak sampai lagi. BODOH!! That's what I said to the man, kesian dia tak bersalah. Yes I said "bodoh" to him. Mampus dia la nak paham ke tak, ternganga dia tengok. I told him "Am I suppose to come here EVERY FUCKING SINGLE DAY TO GET MY PARCEL?! DON'T PAY THE POSTMAN THEN!! I am not going to ask for a stupid redelivery system!! Useless!!"

Dah jalan keluar dah nak sampai John Lewis dah tiba-tiba nampak van Royal Mail. Probably bringing today's UNDELIVERED STUFF to the post office. MALAS AKU NAK ULANG BALIK KE SANA, sekali takda macam mana. EEE BANGANG TAU TAK BANGANG!! ALL MY WIRES ARE SUPPOSE TO GET HERE TODAY!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARINIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!

Decided to get Frappucino to cool me down and some KFC. Sampai rumah nak makan KFC pun rasa boleh muntah balik sebab bengang sangat dengan postman ni. EEEEEEEEEEE MEH SINI TENGOK SIKIT MUKA DIA!! HANDSOME KE TAK HANDSOME KE MAMPOS KAU!! Urggggghhhhhhhh please excuse me, memang tengah bengang to the ultimate.

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New Page

On the right you will see the heading "Pages" and a new page has finally been created for my dear jewelries. Haha. Finally. I'll be uploading most of my handmade jewelries, those that I think are marketable and doesn't show my amateur skills AS MUCH. :') So those who want to take a look go ahead and I will be keeping the page updated as my designs are freshly made, so keep an eye out for them. Hihihi.

Owh and yes please, feel free to comment. :)

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It's a bit late but..




Hehehehe :)

Exam was alright. The second paper was a killer and I even dreamt I failed the paper!!!!!!!! :(((((( Then on Friday we got to know if we were exempted from that PP3 practical exam. You know how they do it, ala X Factor or American Idol gitu. They split us up in two different rooms and everyone in a particular room will get the same results.

I was with a few belas people, and suddenly the technician came in and said "Ok you're exempted!!". Just like that. We were like jumping around and shouting all over the room!! Like how you would see in X Factor!! Hahaha someone even shouted "Where's Simon Cowell??!!" It was THAT good to be able to NOT take the exam. :) I feel bad for K and Morv though. They could hear us screaming through the door. But it's okay, they can do it next week!

Masalahnya, kalau exempt ke tak exempt ke my marks tak dikira dalam my year average marks. Dapat first grade pun takda beza. Kurang hasam tak??!! Aku dah buat elok-elok so that dia boleh save markah-markah aku yang lain yang macam longkang, sekali dia kata tak dikira. Mr Bang jumpa Mrs Ang. Dia bagi credit mark je. Siut betul, aku spend beratus-ratus jam dari first half of the term and dia tak kira markah, kasi 20 credit mark je. Bongok.

Tau alasan dia sebab apa. Sebab ramai orang akan fail and so jadi tak fair sebab akan bawak turun markah diorang. SIAPA SURUH DIORANG FAIL?! No like really, fair ke tak fair. The course is for 20 credit marks, adakah anda patut fail, ANY course for that matter. I mean ye la kan, 3rd year ni semua course 20 credits, but kenapa nak discriminate practical niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Hello, manufacturing tu lagi ramai orang akan fail ok, so tak payah la kira yang itu jugak kalau camtu!
:''((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Tak nampak ni tarik muka extreme!
Sedih tau sedih. Jahat!

Anyway, takpa la kut. Kita tawakkal je la.

Just got back home after makan-makan and laughed effing out loud watching Mario Mariono Bros? Or something like that? God.. Lawak nak mati cerita ni!!!!!! You could see my gut through my mouth and brain through my nose sebab gelak teruk sangat. It's like raw comedy tau. Definitely had a good laugh. Lagi-lagi exams are finished. *SMUG*

And when I got back home, bumped into Ustream live of Wonder Girls MV Premier? Haha orang habis exam, takda kerja. At least I watched a premier, whatever it is. :) Its cool, but short. Teringat Kaklong and Izura, Wonder Cuuuuurrrrlllss. Hahaha! Ok, inside joke, sorry.

I'm gonna have to start making my jewelries. Sharpen my skills. Lagipun it's not that cold now to be sprawling on the floor with my jewelry stuff. Even my jewelry-making corner in the room dah berhabuk. Mana boleh vacuum, habis la all my stones nanti. Hahah. But yea, I've got quite a number of designs from MONTHS back, sekarang baru nak buat and catalogue them and price them. Most of them takda prices lagi, macam mana orang nak beli betul tak?! Nanti I'll put the pictures up ok? Still contemplating on making a blog sale. Hmmmm. Tengok dulu bagaimana. ;)

Owh God, just remembered I have to pack up all my stuff dah. :( Yes, I'll be moving to Taunton, Somerset soon enough and will be emptying my room. Of course I won't be bringing ALL my stuff down to Taunton, gila ke apa. I'll be meeting up with the lady next Tuesday. Day trip to Taunton, hope all will be well. Masalahnya NI number ni tak dapat-dapat lagi. Padan muka, apply lambat lagi. Owh, the mak cik ada kucing!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. Ok calm meow.

And I do NOT know why my parents kept on asking if she's gonna give me breakfast. Mum, Dad, I won't be staying at B&B. (=.=) Owh Dad says he can chip in sikit because currency dah turun. Hihihi but I'll save that for later. Maybe like bila nak BELI KERETA ke. Hahaha. And he offered to get a new laptop since I'm going on to my final year. Alhamdulillah. Sorry ya baby HP, you're such a nuisance now although I lap you vewy much.

It's 3 am dah. Better go to sleep. Say NO to microwaved milk. Huhu.

I'm out.

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Mata Exam Ikan

It's Saturday dah. :(( Which means tomorrow is Sunday. Which means the next day is Monday. Which means I'm gonna have my first paper at exactly 2.00PM!!! Yo yo 2pm! Haha so out of the picture. Anyway, yea. I'm scared out of my wits for my finals. Have no idea why. Maybe its because I need to do REALLY well to pass to 4th year. OMG 3rd year is such an anjing.

I can't believe I've successfully make trips to the library every single morning sampai ke petang. Smug. And this time tactic bertukar as I won't be rushing to get a table that I like. Instead, I'll get a computer. Haha tak ramai sangat orang guna computer pagi buta so I get to choose where and which computer to use. Smart kan? HAHAHAHA.

Okay dah. Side note: Charger laptop MASIH belum sampai.

I think I've been a bit aggressive on my eyes lately. Asyik duduk depan computer je or malam2 trying to surf the net through my small iPod touch ni or my phone. It is small la kan compared to a laptop. And so my mata now dah bengkak and red and I think something is coming out. Hehe sounds icky I know. But yea, need to get myself eye drops. I'm a good example of low patient compliance sebab if I buy the full bottle eye drop tu I'll use it once or twice and won't use it until 3 months after! Mana boleh! 'Please discard after 28 days'!! Kena cari yang one time use tu je. Owh and I've stopped wearing my contact lenses walaupun dia tulis situ 'Contains hydrogen silicone, making it a breatheable contact lens!' Whatever.

Mungkin sebelum ni I've been a bit kuno or just couldn't care. But last few months I was browsing through android punya apps ni and I've been reading reviews on what provider gives a cheap international text and almost everyone says fishtext is good. So I've been using it and I SAVED TONES! Message Msia 2 pence je. T.T Apsal tahun2 sebelum ni tak pernah tau pun. Orang duk sibuk suruh guna skype and everything. Kalau takda cukup texts in your tariffs, message UK number pun 2 pence je! I think. I don't know, just check sendiri lah. Google je. :)

Ok need to stop rambling and start with my studying. :) :( GOOD MORNING!! Nice nice sunny day.

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Bank holiday

Bank holiday today! Doesn't make a difference pun. Hmph

Finally there's sun (but its 0 degree C!) and hopefully plenty more this week. Last week have been terrible. :(

Going to Strathclyde park to enjoy the sun, while studying. Extremely worried of my papers this time.

Owh. That's me own Costa! ;) Also made scrambled eggs tadi and realised milk dah habis so I put whipped cream instead. XD

P/s I'm still blogging from my phone. Thank God for technology. But bought my charger from eBay dah for 10 quid. Thank God again for online shopping.

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