Handle it well

After almost two years here, I realise MORE of people who don't understand Islam. Of course they don't so when they are curious they will ask. This is where you, as a muslim should educate and prove that Islam is the easiest, most logical, practical and the ONLY religion to believe in. To avoid offensives, you can't just say it straight to them, right. 

Kind of like asking a patient on what you know and what you believe in a drug. You can't be asking "What is it that you know about this drug and do you believe it?" Wouldn't that take a lot of time for patients who don't really think about what they put in their mouth? It's all about the approach.

Back to my story, they may be kafir(s) but as muslims, we have to handle things the right way, in a kind way to reflect the peacefulness of Islam. That part is where I realise I'm not good at. I become really offended at heart. Although I know I should put a good face on. 

"I think Islam is really complicating."

You can't really blame a person to say that, as he/she may not be educated since young on how Islam is life. So how should you react to a statement like that? I could only manage to say it's not complicating and of all the reasons why certain things are made haram. 

"Why do you even bother fasting?? It makes you suffer, it's medically unacceptable!"

Now how would you react? Calmly I said it's not medically unacceptable. (Especially for a class that learns Physiology and stuff, how is it that it is unacceptable?) Some of the reasons on why we have a fasting month, Ramadhan, is so that our digestive systems can rest after one whole year of working in giving us energy. There are LOADS of other benefits to it, but it's definitely not unacceptable medically. 

But no one there knew how boiling I was at heart. I don't even know why. It's probably because I don't go through these questions a lot, obviously. 

Which is why I HAVE to handle it well from now on. 
I can't get mad or upset. 

In Uni, there will be a new student union election and all. So the Uni is now full of banners and posters and posts of the candidates etc. There was one guy competing for Vice President if I'm not mistaken, wrote a BIG notice that covers the whole first floor of the building, 
"Vote for me,  Vote for Strath,  Not for Gaza"

What is the relationship of your votes and Gaza?? You sure can be a manipulative politician in the future. (That's NOT a compliment.) I just hope you won't get the VPOC post then. 

Even students walking by the notice stopped by, exchanged looks, cringed, and left with faces full of disturbance. Seeing that alone feels appreciative. Don't you think?

Note: There were some misunderstanding. I was referring to how I felt inside and how I was hiding it (even as hard as it was) as the question was asked, and as I answered the questions. It's not a matter of how I would answer it, because insyaAllah, I can answer them, walaupun ilmu tak seberapa. Thank you.

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Happy Birthday, Shukri Rashid!

We went every where together since 13 because my mom didn't want me to walk anywhere alone.

Seperti biasa, anda sangat spontan dan gila. Don't know how I managed NOT becoming crazy.

You were really quiet when I was leaving to Glasgow. Kawan dengan Ronald McDonald je. Remember we didn't talk for a year during form 4 and 5 and before SPM we cried like hell, trying to apologize.

Masa kenduri.

You even teman-ed me for my beloved Rasyidin's birthday.

Thank you for the 8 crazy years!


Ya betul, kawan sampai mati.

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Mainan Simulation di Minda

Sejak kebelakangan ini, saya sangat merindui awak. 

Mungkin kerana stress hormon yang meningkat?

Saya tidak dapat melupakan nikmat di hati ketika berjumpa dengan awak.

Bagai pita video bermain berulangan di minda

Bagai program 'simulation' bermain di lidah

Bagai pendorong untuk mencari anda

Namun begitu, anda tidak mempunyai pengganti.

I miss you, KFC.

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Let's keep myself occupied with WORK!!

*Work refers to kerja sekolah, not work from a job ok. Takde masa den nak kerja kat sini*

Hustle hustle hustle

Counting down: Going back home to beloveds' arms, ~5 months

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In My Head

Forever With You feat Park Bom

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Paris? CHECK!

The seven of us had a good weekend getaway to the claimed City of Love, PARIS! 

Members of Visite: 
Shukri Anak Baba
Guci by Gucci by Gucci
Pakcik Yus
Najib Silent
Kina the Blur
Tira the sleep walker

Friday, 6th February
We had chinese buffet dinner at Chikoku (was it?) for dear Kina's farewell. Ate like pigs, eh no. Tak baik nya. Ate like hungry hyenas as we were laughing our head out at the same time as if tu kedai bapak aku punya. And after that brought along our bags, went straight to Guci's place. It was about half past 11. Konon tak nak tidur till 3.30am as that was when we plan to make a move to Glasgow Prestwick Airport. Tira tidur obviously, I rested my eyes. Hehehe. While the guys were busily packing. We made a move to the airport at 20 to four I think. With roads macam balik kampung through Lebuhraya Seremban-Port Dickson, made me miss Nenek so much, eventhough Nenek duduk dekat Lenggeng, tak lalu pun highway. Hehe. 

Saturday, 7th February
**Naik plane, ZzzzZZZzzzzZZzzZ**

Bonjour, Paris!! 
Took the bus to Paris City.

**Naik bus, ZzzzZZZzzzzZZzzZ**

Bonjour, Paris City!!

Ok dah. The moment we stepped down the bus onto tanah Paris we shouted, "Nak balik Glasgow!!!!" Owh why? Because it was freaking cold, that's why! *Membaluti diri dengan scarf berpusing-pusing kali, gear ourselves with gloves, and protect our hair from the dry winter* Took the 3 days metro ticket for 19 euros, and went to the station we thought was nearest to our Hotel Londres, which was Gare de l'Est. Later did we know we passed Gare du Nord, a much NEARER station to our hotel. Dah la ter-mistaken pergi behind the hotel, a laundry place. Haha taruk lagi nama hotel "Hotel Londres"!

Scene outside the girls' room
*After a 2-hour flight. Jangan bayangkan muka after 14-hour flight, thank you*

*Snow in Paris was beautiful..*

So we start the visite.

Basilique du Sacre Coeur
It looks unreal doesn't it??

Galleries Lafayette
Shopping heaven!

Moulin Rouge
Red district yaw!

As it was freezing and we did not really wrap ourselves nicely, our feet were killing us! Decided to call it a day and enjoyed our much needed rest.

Sunday, 8th February
Selamat Pagi, Hotel Londres. Owh boy owh boy, don't they give the simplest yet delicious breakfast ever! *Maternal instincts naik so nak pack bekalan for everyone* We were caught red-handed by a CCTV for stealing croissants! H-E-double L-O Londres! Kita nak makan la, accept it as a compliment please. Hehe owh well, got the croissants anyway. So off we start our Paris Visite!

To add to my Hard Rock Cafe collection, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris baybeh! Then walked to Musee Grevin, a wax museum! Definitely had fun there, met known and unknown "famous people". 

Later went to Cathedrale Notre Dame. Owh did I mention the weather was splendid and fabulous? The sky was clear and blue, and the sun was out, *WITH HEAT!* Tapi kan, why takda those burung kecik-kecik at Notre Dame? Sebab winter kah? Chis, susah payah curi croissant. But then, took the croissants bukan for them, for our perut!! 

Then we decided to walk to Musee du Louvre. Little did we know we took the opposite direction! Padanla jalan for half an hour already, but satu glass pyramid pun tak jumpa. Ya, Geography sorang-sorang fail! So then we gave up and took the metro. And voala! We were there within minutes! 'Twas definitely a beauty.

Notre Dame

Musee du Louvre

Had lunch at KFC. Jangan jealous please.

And the peak of the trip came.


A wonder of the world?


"I was thinking 'bout you the whole time"

Monday, 9th February
Yeay, ponteng kelas! Pastu takut nak pergi breakfast. Hihihi kut-kut la they have WANTED posters with our faces on it.

Packed, checked out, and mengangkut all our stuff, in the rain. Yes, it was pouring like nobody's business. So we decided to go to La Defense, and spend our day indoors while waiting for the rain to stop. "Rain rain go away, come again another day"

There! Grande Arc!

Our flight later that night was pleasant. Makan maggi! Maggi rocks my socks, not all the time, to be healthy! And we breathe in Glasgow's air again. Owh, Paris airport closed the next day. Lucky eyh? 

Paris was tiring yet enjoyable. Full of unexpected traveling experiences.

Note to future travelers of Paris:
1) Paris is full of bad drivers
2) Gare du Nord station is very dodgy at night. Even if you walk in groups.
3) Even so, it's always in your list of "Must Visit Cities"

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Guess what happened today in the morning.


Yea, so some of them are out-of-place short. 

p/s: Passed all my papers with jumping colours!! : )

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Luahan Hati

Sibuk je nak comment-comment orang. 
Jaga kain diri sendiri boleh? 
Bajet punya orang. 
Mampus la saya nak buat apa.
Asalkan saya pandai BELAJAR! 
Tak macam anda, suka sangat cerita pasal balak sepet dua kali ganda umur anda. 
Tak sunat pulak tu. 
Hahah tapi sama je la macam anda. 
Jangan nak pandai berkata-kata ya, anda. 
Kerana saya lebih tua dari anda, dan saya bukannya suka main-main macam anda.
Sebising saya pun, saya pandai malu sikit, tidak macam anda.
Memang anda sebegitu, tidak boleh lah saya nak buat apa-apa.
Jadi, contohilah saya. 
Kalau nak pun, silalah berbuat demikian di depan muka saya yang semestinya lagi lawa dari anda. (Hahaha eh, gelak pulak.)

Selamat mencari kamus. =)

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I wish!!

Edinburgh Trip, with Arthini

Snowing in Glasgow

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Pernahkah anda?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa remaja Scotland dan England sungguh berbeza?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa wujudnya ibu bapa yang dengan sengaja/sedari/tidak sengaja/tanpa sedari untuk memberi ubat-ubat seperti aspirin, panadol, ubat batuk dan ubat asthma semata-mata agar dapat menikmati hidup dengan anak-anak yang separa sedar?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa anak-anak tidak pernah terpikir untuk rasa hormat dan berterima kasih?

Pernahkah anda terpikir apa yang melalui di minda mereka yang suka betul mencaci (dengan sengaja) walhal terang tang tang (bak kata emak tersayang) dia yang bersalah?

Pernahkah anda lalui situasi dan perasaan yang tidak pernah sangka langsung akan lalui, lagi-lagi bagaimana hendak melalui ujianNya dengan tabah?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa mereka pakai solekan begitu tebal macam satu batu di muka, tidak kisah latar belakang, gaji tahunan keluarga, lelaki/perempuan, dan status sosial/politik/ekonomi? (Cikgu KA sure bangga ngan aku nih).

Pernahkah anda tahu siapa Charice Pempengco dan mengapa dia boleh jadi sebegitu pada umur 17 tahun?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa anda tidak dapat buat apa-apa walhal anda begitu sakit hati dan marah teramat?

Pernahkah anda terpikir untuk menjadi seorang Dekan Fakulti di Universiti (mana-mana)?

Pernahkah anda sedari bahawa nasihat emak mengatasi dan membereskan segala-galanya seperti magik?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa mereka ke tikar solat bukan keranaNya namun kerana tekanan rakan sebaya?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa mereka tetap mengambil subjek-subjek yang mereka rasa kononnya tiada kena mengena dengan hidup/mati mereka semasa SPM?

Pernahkah anda terpikir apa yang melalui di minda mereka untuk memakai skarf leher di tengah-tengah Taman KLCC pada tengah hari buta?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa kita begitu sayangkan seseorang?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa mereka berbuat jahat semata-mata untuk menaiki tangga sosial, alasan tidak munasabah atau al-hasad?

Pernahkah anda terpikir mengapa hidup seorang pelajar di kampus berlainan dengan pelajar di luar kampus?

Pernahkah anda melalui saat-saat yang mendiamkan anda tanpa apa-apa di minda?

Saya pernah. Walaupun hanya sekali. Saya pernah. Walaupun bukan sekali.

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