High on Chocolate Fudge Milkshake.

Never let your hormones think for you. XD

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Let's go back home.


Because here,
I don't have a fucking lamp to brighten up my room. 

Because here,
I have to move out so might as well go back home.

Because here,
I don't feel anything.

Because here, 
I can't fix anything.

Because here,
I need to be alone. 

So here is where I'll be happy to be at.

Easter, here I come.

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Happy Birthday, Anak En. Baba.

Ya Shuk, itu adalah anda.


Jom shopping!!

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Needed Getaway

Wednesday, 21st January

Woke up at about half 10 (1 hour later than when I was suppose to. Not surprising) Mandi, siapkan rambut, and packed my last minute stuff into my trustworthy hand luggage. Walked to Queen St. Station, and beli ticket. £10???!!! for one way. 

Called up THINI when I got to Waverley Bridge in EDINBURGH, and she just knew there's a bridge called Waverley. Okayyy, haha. We met up, hugged tightly, screamed a bit, and headed for lunch. Sorta. It was at this place called something potato. Had potatoes with tuna and beans, scrumptious!! Penuh ok perut. Chatted and had a few catching up and headed back to her place at about 5-ish. 

Met her friend KIM, got ready to go out to Pub Golf. Had fun jalan-jalan, pub crawling, and went to Mood and spent the night at Thini's obviously.

Thursday, 22nd January

I don't really remember what happened in the morning, but I think I woke up late. Well everyone did. Owh yea, we had breakfast at McD's in ASDA, shopping a bit in ASDA and went back. Had dinner terus, and watch an Indonesia movie called Virgin. Thini passed out half way through, I proudly finished the movie with melted ice cream dah jadi whipped cream.

Friday, 23rd January

Woke up early and went to class. (=,=) Yes I went to class, TOTALLY unrelated to what I'm doing. I can't really doze of or the lecturer will get upset and tak pasal-pasal I'll be questioned. "Owh sorry, I'm not from this Uni, I just came here to see how you lecture, but since you're boring I dozed off." 

Went to the city centre in the evening, jalan-jalan sikit, and had Chinese New Year buffet dinner at China China? Met Ayi, apparently a senior from KYS, same house lagi tu. Sadly I don't remember him. Haha and also met Eddy, Rachel, Imran, Azim and a few other. 

Then some of us went out and spent the night in the city. Yes yes yes! Details should remain in Edinburgh. 

"I need my own time."

Saturday, 24th January

Good morning, Edinburgh. More like good afternoon. Lazy lazy day but had to get our asses up. Went out to have breakfast/lunch/brunch/wtf at Chocolate Soup. Healthy!! Had White Chocolate Caramel soup with carrot cake. Yummy-ness. 

Headed back to Thini's, freshen up, packed my things and went back to Waverley. We both had dinner at Pizza Hut (Owh some of them are called Pasta Hut now. Not a joke, apparently) Headed back to Glasgow at half 10 and arrived home safely like 10 to midnight. How it took that long, I have noooo idea. Balik je terus mampus. Not literally.

Edinburgh was a really nice place. Although tak jalan-jalan that much, I needed to breathe a non-Glasgow air. And it worked! It was good meeting old friends, and new ones too. 


Had loads of fun, and yes, something to remember of. Weather was being really nice to me too! If I compare it to Glasgow, of course. There was sun everyday. Sangat jakun ok tengok matahari berhaba. Ok, merepeks. Cleared my mind, should be able to get a good kick-start for new semester. YES!

Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah SWT, things are better now. 

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Bitter Sugar

Exam's finished! Done for! Let's cheer together for I am.. err, temporarily free for one week!! Yeayyy!

I have been on Sugar Therapy. Yes, there's another therapy for me. SUGAR THERAPY. No worries, not that much different from any other. I must admit, I eat properly =) but with an overdose of sugar. Takpe, tak overdose sangat till kencing manis. InsyaAllah. I'm hypoglycemic anyways.

That was not another typical exam week. It was terrible for me. FOR ME. But everything happens for a reason, and I'm here to pull through. And with that, you see who your real friends are, who will always be there for you through ups and downs.(I love yous!)  Apart from a loving family who cares. (I love yous!) 

It takes times like these to realise that I'm more than grateful. Although with unapologetic sorry and regrets on what has happened. I pray to Allah, agar ditemukan semula kalau ada jodoh.

I haven't been hard on myself, like I always do. I guess I've learnt a lot. On not to torture myself. But still they always say I need a pinch of bitterness. People, I eat sugar, I can't get bitter. ; )

Will be going to Edinburgh tomorrow, Wednesday till Friday or Saturday. That's a long long getaway. I need it. And will be going to Paris on the 7th Feb. A week before Bloody Valentine.

Sigh. Things will be better. Amin..

"I miss you"

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Happy Birthday, Mummy!!



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Turn me over

I lay down here under my black sheets
Wetting my cheeks with unstoppable tears
And choked words 
Of unacknowledged thoughts
A heart unappreciated

Why does it matter?
Because it hurt me like it hurt you
A bruise so deep yet unseen
Numb fingers and toes from cold sun
A weak body shaking

Fix it.
Fix it!!

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Early Winter

I feel you.

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Vacation = Internship ??

**Two bloody papers down!!!! Wooohooooo!**

Ok calm.

I was screening through my Nemo email (my Uni calls it Nemo, noooo idea why).
Boots.. Boots.. Boots.. Survey.. SPIDER.. vacancy.. SPIDER.. SPIDER.. vacation.. Boots..

Wait. VACATION? What is thaaat? Why is it that I don't remember reading anything about vacation?

Ouuu Aaaahh Excited nyaaaa.

Dear Student,
Within the NHS South Central (North) region, various hospitals will be offering vacational placements during the Summer of 2009. See attached poster for details of contacts if you are interested. 
Best wishes.

Cis bedebah kau.

Tempat jauh-jauh plak tu. Dekat Oxford, Milton, Buckinghamshire. Shite betul. Hrmmm.. Or maybe it could be a good one kan? Buat placement away from Scotland. See new places, new faces, same weather, bloody weather.

We'll see. Dah hantar email to NHS, not the one above. The one in Glasgow. Placement for 4 weeks only. Yeayyy, if I do dapat than bestnya. Placement sebulan, holi-holiday sebulan ( I want Venice, Milan, Pagheee ), pastu balik ol' Kajang sebulan for puasa and raya. Hell no am going to puasa here during summer. Nak buka puasa pukul 10?? Ganti for the whole month la nampak gayanya. Eh jahat gila plak.

Nonetheless, kalau dapat placement from Boots (ni bukan Boots from "These boots are made for walkin', that's just what they'll do" punya boots.) placement for 8 bloody bloody weeks. F********ck. 

Anyhooooo, can't wait for summer! Now is sooooo depressing. Dahla memang depressed. Weather, you're not helping! Probably cause I couldn't care less bout you, so you couldn't care less bout me too. Heck you!

So apart from my complicated life that I put myself in, I'm trying to RELAX. By going to a SHORT internship, have my ass moving about in Venice, and go back and see my family. OMG, so excited already. Angan2 yer people. Dreams make you move. 2nd semester pun baru nak masuk, ada hati nak berangan.

Tira, let's take action!!! Not gonna get stepped on anymore.

Ayesha babe, you are my booster. Thanks babe.

**Let's get Physical, Physical**
Hell no lah, Physical Pharmacy next paper.

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Told you so

MY time is not to be wasted on things not worth thinking on. Including your silly silly habits. 

Told you I'm not the one to be played!

Told you I've had enough!

Told you I couldn't care less!

Told you to take me seriously when I say I won't forget!

Told you never to take advantage!

But I guess I didn't tell you enough. OR maybe because, I cared too much it hurts.

Tabahkan hati hambaMu ini, menghadapi ujianMu.

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My own medicine.

Dear Miss Ikram,

We thank you for your deep interest in our Creme Caramel product.

However, we have no priority in holding up the sale for your "bank statement's" benefits, as you would say.

We are deeply sorry for your cases and frequent trips to the loo. Are you sure it is because of the Creme Caramel? For our customer's safety we will check on it. 

Also, we have also received your letter on what you call "Cheesecake Therapy". I assure you I know all girls feel that way which is why we will update our ingredients in our Strawberry Cheesecake.

Good luck in your exams. 

Anonymous Manager.

p/s: My favourite dessert is Chocolate Mousse. 

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Tell me what you think.

Answer using the powerful Google Image Search, taking the picture from the first minimal words of explanation. 
*was tagged by Wazien Wafa*

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday:

2. A place you'll like to travel to:

3. Your favourite place:

4. Your favourite food(s):

5. Your favourite pet:

6. Your favourite colour combination:

7. Your favourite piece of clothing:

8. Your all time favourite song:

9. Your favourite TV show:

10: First name of your significant other/crush:

11. The town in which you live in:

12. Your screen name or nickname:

13. Your first job:

14. Your dream job:

15. Your worst fear:

16. The one thing you'd like to do before you die:

17. The first thing you'll buy if you get $10,000,000 :

Take a guess!

You're tagged!

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Pictures tell a thousand words?

Was just going through my picture folder, from last year, and the previous year and the YTK-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking year!

I'm gonna take my thick face off and put SOME of them up.

Outing kat Ipoh camwhore kat dalam Jusco pastu tunjuk lubang hidung. I really don't have to cerita the obvious right? Dah lah rambut serabai, zaman everyone wants chemically straightened hair!

Masa BBQ birthday Acap kat matrix. Siapa tangkap ni memang celaka. I don't even know why my hair was like that, and my face?! Owh masa ni rambut dah half straight half kurang straight. So jadi bengkang-bengkok berliku-liku dan sangat tak disukai ramai.

To future tourists of London Bridge:
Kalau nak pergi masa winter, pakai tebal-tebal pastu pakai lah topi kalau tak jadi macam rambut atas tu serabai tak hengat dunia!! Dan disebabkan sejuk teramat, hidung nak jadi macam Rudolph's.

Fashion disaster! WHAT WAS I THINKING LA?? This was during Koln Trip Easter 2008.
From top: 
Sunglasses berjasa, CK since Form 1!! Haha sangat tak ikut trend aku nih.
Scarf and jacket okay. Sebab jacket tu mahal from Zara. (Baru jumpa belt dia. Punya kecoh kat semua orang I left it back home.)
FYI people, itu bukan skirt bersama jeans. Dia macam dress I wore inside, but why lah kan I wore it with jeans ku? (Note: Tu jeans kegemaran Evisu kuuu!)
And look at those shoes! Pakai socks putih plak tu. Who can blame ol' Primark. Haha

Ya, look at what 19 years have done to me. Owh btw, Motorola V8 tu sudah tidak digunakan. Guna 3 months je kut! So whoever wants it (ehem.. for a PRICE! In £££ please sebab kalau in RM I will rugi. Currency pounds sekarang £1=RM4.90. Ya betul. Sila datang visit saya di sini dan berlagak kaya.) Muaaahahahaha.
Ok stop. Ada la kawan saya seorang ni ingatkan botol-botol yang sungguh lawa itu adalah DILDO. sldkfjoawemflakmd;oifjakemflkm!!

**Tagged by Ayesha to print screen my desktop background. APPLAUSE**

To the whole wide world, THIS is what I look at every time I open my laptop. And every time it's not full of windows bersepah-ing. 

Ya, you can say it looks cheesy, but what the hell la kan? You will never understand what I've put myself in. (Not like it's a bad thing, no no.) Life is NEVER easy. After successfully jumping through an obstacle, never jump for joy. As you have lots more to go through. Am I right? Yes yes so let's stop crapping. Hehe

Does distance really make the heart grows fonder? No one in this world understands what and how I go through this, only The Almighty does. 

For those who doesn't know, to him, I'm the girl living 8 hours in his past. (And I've never been grateful enough for the unbelievable 4 years.)

Thus, the background! YEAY!

Last one last one.

.Camwhore Cat.

Hello 2009. Hello sighs.


I've been MIA because:
1. Shopping
2. Shopping
3. and more of shopping!!!

Now kena start study balik. Have exams on the 12th. 
Haiiihh, penicillin, penicillin..

I would LOVE to list down what I bought during Christmas and New Year Sale. But it would give me that guilty feeling, you know. So I refuse to. Hehe you should be able to predict HOW MANY £££ I spent. 
Haiiihh, debit card, debit card..

Another long year to go through. Doa-doa everything will be fine. All the ups I would be grateful of, and all the downs I would learn from, are all worth it. Don't you think? Last year was too unpredictable yet 'twas an enjoyable ride. I have never cried as much and laugh as much. 
Haiiihh, emosi, emosi..


Cuma I pray to Allah SWT that I can be strong enough to handle the ujians and dugaans He plans for me. AMIN.

For now, sakit gigi.
Haiiihh, wisdom tooth, wisdom tooth.

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