My favourite Be Delicious is finished. 

After... 2 years? 3 years? Don't remember.

Sigh... You will be remembered.

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Influenza Babi

Seperti diketahui ramai (ataupun tidak), Tanah Belanda terkontaminasi dengan jebakan influenza H1N1 ataupun Influenza Babi. Babi memang tiada kebaikan pun.

Jadi, tidak kisah lah anda bertapak di hujung dunia mana pun, kebersihan dan kesihatan harus diambil dengan lebih berat ya. 

Basuh tangan selalu, seelok-eloknya dengan pencuci antibakterial. Bukannya nak kata sebelum ni tak cuci tangan. Tapi sila kerapkan frekuensi cucian itu. Ke mana-mana anda pergi, bawalah sebotol pencuci 'hygienic' dan tisu lembap alkohol. Jika anda lelaki dan tidak mempunyai 'man-bag', pandai-pandai lah anda ya. 

Sila jadi seorang 'freak'. Sebelum gunakan sudu, garpu, pinggan dsb, lap dulu dengan tisu anda. Setiap kali selepas membuka dan menutup pintu, cuci tangan. (Haha) FREAK YA. Nak freak ke nak sakit? Cakap!

Elak berada atau melepak di tempat awam. Kalau nak nampak lebih dramatik, pakai lah mask dan sarung tangan. Mesti orang pikir gila ke apa budak ni, panas-panas pakai sarung tangan. Nak freak ke nak sakit? Cakap! 

Lagi-lagi jangan suka hati nak lepak di hospital (kecuali anda kerja di situ). Berikan lebih perhatian kepada kebersihan diri anda jika ke hospital untuk menziarahi keluarga/rakan sebaya. Di hospital lah terdapat perkampungan bakteria dan virus yang mungkin lebih merbahaya. Awaaaaas.

Apabila terasa seperti dijangkiti selesema, suhu badan meningkat, muntah-muntah (dan tanda-tanda selesema yang biasa), sila dapatkan konsultasi doktor anda. 

Makan vitamin-vitamin anda. Tapi jangan harapkan pil-pil itu sahaja. Diet yang seimbang harus dipraktikkan! Banyakkan stok buah-buahan dan sayuran anda. Dah banyakkan stok, makanlah selalu. Jangan biar jadi busuk. Jangan lupa bersenam! (cakap je orang. Kita ni duk bersenam atas kerusi) Bak kata ibunya, minum 10 gelas minimum sehari!!! Baik ibunyaaaa.

Di tempat asing ini, terasa lebih sedar dengan situasi-situasi sebegini. 

Jaga diri baik-baik!! Moga Allah swt lindungi kita semua daripada penyakit berjangkit ini.

(p/s: Keadaan pasangan (di Falkirk ke? tidak jauh dari tempat saya) yang membawa balik influenza ini dari Mexico dilaporkan semakin memulih. Bagus. Moral: Jangan cium babi. Hehe)

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Happy Birthday, Bangah!

Ke hadapan Abang Ngah ku, Azrul Ikram.


Thank you for everything. I mean it.

I miss your mad clown, loud and embarrassing laugh.
Who wouldn't?

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Baby Cupcakes!

As a lovable youngest sister (hehe), it is my pleasure to introduce my Kaklong's (Izumi) growing cupcake business!

Specialty: Baby cupcakes for kids. For adults yang nak makan the whole cupcake in one suap pun boleh aja. Haha.

One of a kind that does not focus on decorating. It's never too early to practice a healthy lifestyle! (kan kan?)


TGIF!! Thank God it's Friday!!!!

Yeah right.

More like IFA. "It's Friday?? Already?!"

Please don't tell me I'm the only one saying that. This isn't even the first Friday I announced to myself on my 'upmost depression' of IFA.

The week after Easter break passed by in a blink of an eye. Firstly, all our lab and class schedules were practically cancelled. There was just this one feedback on our essay (which I got 1st grade, unexpectedly, coming from an essay. *Smug smug*). And so I spent my days in the LIBRARY. Told you I'd be studying and working like a nerd secretary.

But still. IFA!! I feel like I didn't even study much for my exam! 

I'M FREAKING OUT!!!! AND NOW I'M STARTING TO GET ALL THIS CRAVES!!! Sabar Imi, sabar. Sabar tu half of Iman. 50 plus days je lagi till you get to eat at Chilli's, Kenny Roger's, Kopitiam, Nasi Ayam Tesco, Mummy's cooking! Haish, makan je ingat. Jumpa family tak ingat ke.

By the way, I realise I have been losing weight the past few weeks. This is PROVEN! My Evisu skinny jeans gave me space! HAHAHA. But apparently, last three days suddenly rasa ketat sikit. Why?! Not like my appetite was that much different! Wait, my appetite definitely changes, but it's the INPUT that counts. Not the desire, the dire needs. Hmmmmm. What ever it is, I'm glad I didn't sell my beloved jeans on Ebay. But I bet after this year's summer, I'll be thinking of the exact same thought yet again. Gwenchana, we learn from experience. ; )

IFA!!! Let's continue studying. I didn't sleep last night, so minta maaf ya. 

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Most Enthusiastic Window Cleaner Award

Our window cleaner will come to clean our windows at 6.50 AM.

Good luck waking us up, window cleaner.

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60 days to my 'comeback' in Malaysia. Haha! Can't wait!

Meanwhile, I've been thinking on how to survive the hot blazing sun there. Even with the average 15 degree C here, I get drained so easily. Think think think! 

Here, I study. Back home later, I work. Plus the stress from the weather AND not forgetting the ridiculous traffic. Obstacles obstacles.

Some how I would like to think my summer 'vacay' later on would be a life turning point. I have no idea why but that is what I feel like. Let's anticipate on what is going to happen (or not). I feel a change waiting for me. Is that suppose to be good?

I have 3 weeks left till my end of term exam. And I'll be done by the 22nd next month, and HOORAY! We will party like no body's business. But for now, we (I) will study and read like how I should! LET'S GO!

Since no one has plans to go to Europe this year, I'll pass as well. Not looking forward to get tanned (or a more suitable word, burnt) over this summer. So the plan is to just stick to UK's entertainment and make a trip to Alton Tower. Please use the power of Google/Youtube for this if you wish.


Peace yaw.

*Here's a little something something, waiting for me back home.

To You. Needn't.

Through out last week, I didn't even realize the time that past by. Was I too tired to track my time? No, I was not conscious of it. My mind was not working, my eyes were closed, my body unmoved. I was a living corpse.

It wouldn't be right to tell you, there would be no point to burden you more. Yet why am I upset?

I am a girl that is still learning to be an understanding person to my loved ones and to be self-less. But I hope you know, there are times that I need to learn about myself, to take care of myself, to cherish myself. As I know, that is what I'm short of and that could hurt me with time.

There is no room for anger. There is only for support. I don't have expectations, but courtesy would be nice.

The choice to shut this off from you is a painful yet hopefully a constructive decision I made. Take a step back and see that I've shared my life with you. So forgive me on this as this is between me, myself and I, and of course Him.

I don't need to be sympathized. I don't need those faces from you. Because your happiness is mine, your burden is mine, and my burden will be kept and locked away far from you


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Would you?

If God forbids, an accident/disease is to happen upon you, and your memory goes POOF! What happens to the people around you? What happens to you?

Would you be a changed person? A more optimistic person or a sadist? More hardworking or a depressing piece of live meat? A better cook or a gardener? Would you have new interests? 

Would you start from square one? Would you feel tired of knowing 'new' people? Would you feel lost and lonely in your 'new' world? Would you prefer turning into a loner? 

Would your family strive their best to love the new you? Would they accept you for who you are again, as an old 'new born' in the family? Would they take care of you with the same tenderness and warmth of love and care? Would you see their tears, joyful or not?

Would your friends ditch you? Or stay with you and accept you? Would your loved one start from square one, together with you? Would they feel tired after their years of building trust, friendship and love were simply crushed overnight?

Would that feeling of giving up exist? Would you have reasons to cry? Would you see even more clearly the happiness that have been surrounding you for years? Would you appreciate religion and knowledge more? 

Would you? Or wouldn't you?

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London Trip

Went for a getaway to London for the weekend and it was awesome-ness! There were four of us, Aidil, Sina, Tira and I. Tiring but enjoying and memorable.

Friday, 3rd April
Had Pharmacy Practice lab exam in the morning. Lasted 3 hours and all of us didn't know what shit we were making. I even forgot how to fold the powder paper. Aargh. Hopefully everything goes well. I'm so stressed. But other than that, I felt quite relieved that the exam marks the start of our Easter break. And all my tests are done for! For now at least. (All my results for my tests are 1st grade! ALHAMDULILLAH!!!)

So right after that I went back to my flat, made lunch and just sat lazily in bed, browsing through nonsense in the net. I realised I haven't packed anything yet. Yup, going to LONDON baybeh! To watch Jason Mraz baybeh! Ouuu so happy. Packed everything (more like sumbat) in my big enough, purple sling handbag and waited for Aidil to finish work so we could take the train to Aunty Ahnis's place.

I didn't feel so good in the train, kurang ventilation I guess. So it was the second time in a week it happened. The first was when I was at home, hit my head on my bed frame. That's normal I guess. At least tak benjol kat dahi macam masa kat rumah dulu, I passed out in the shower. (HAHA) Maybe blood pressure rendah due to the stress I went through the whole week plus my obvious hypoglycemic. That week was the only week I wished I had my glucose drink. Kalau tak malas nya nak minum every morning. Mummy would nag at me because she knows I didn't take my drink and I would seem awfully tired at the end of the day. Apa nak buat, daku pemalas.

Anyway, everything's fine now, not to worry. Promised that I would get myself checked AGAIN when I get back home. Shouldn't be anything new, insyaAllah. That night I didn't get my sleep because if I do, I won't be getting my full hours and will eventually be more tired the next day. So in the end decided not to. Was sent to Prestwick airport the next morning at half 4. Glasgow was raining like nobody's business.

Saturday, 4th April
Here we are, London! Arrived in Stansted, took our bus to the city. That was the only time I slept, including in the flight. Although I did feel like the trip was longer that an hour, maybe sebab deep sleep kut. It was good. Haha. When we got down, we went straight to this place called Breakfast Bar or something like that. Me likey. I had baked potatoes with tuna and finished with a cup of latte. SANGAT REFRESHING! Sina and Tira shared this lempeng with maple syrup while Aidil had toast with eggs. That is officially my favorite place. It's near Baker Street station kalau orang nak tau/try/pergi. Dekat-dekat with Baskin Robbins. 

Breakfast Bar with thick English talks next to us. So annoying! (Sina, Imi)

Anyhoo, we went to Tira's cousin's friend's place just 2 buildings away, refreshed ourselves and rested for awhile. And after that met everyone else for a picnic! And at last met Illy!! The last time I met her was at my kenduri before I came to Glasgow in 2007. (Wait a minute, THAT long??) Anyway, it was good. And also met EG. The weather was GREAT I tell you. I actually felt like I was in Europe! Not believing the awesome weather London gave us.

Self-cam: Eg, Imi, Illy

Model wannabes? Imi, Aidil

Later we went straight to Hammersmith Apollo. TO WATCH JASON MRAZ!!!! OMG!!!! HE IS GREAT!!!!!!! HE SOUNDS BETTER LIVE AND HIS TALENT IS JUST MARVELOUS!!!! OMG OMG OMG. *Spazzing sekejap* Lepas tu terus suara hilang. Hehehe Tira and I were shouting like hell towards his ending and suddenly realised our voices were gone. Haha boleh tak? 

Waiting for Jason Mraz. Imi, Tira.

Then baru bergerak with Illy and the others to our tempat tidur. Hehe the sleep was amazing. Tira was afraid of the rat traps the house had everywhere so we teased her. She apparently had dreams of our beloved Cik Ti that night. Haha little did she know I heard our Cik Ti berparty2 outside. The next morning I woke up, opened our door and the trash was all over the place. Must've been a good party.

Sunday, 5th April
We planned to have brunch with Hanaa but instead moved it to lunch. Hehe again, sorry Hanaa. We were 2 hours late! But it was nice to meet her. She looked amazing next to shaggy me that day. We had lunch at this Lebanese Cuisine by Harrods. (Owh, bought Mum her tea from Harrods. Yeayyy!) Thank God the meat there is Halal, so I was really filling myself up. Had chicken and lamb mixed grill with salad at the side and something like spicy chicken with chicken puree. To top it all off, we had a great chat, although I did wish it was longer. 

By the end of our lunch, we had to move on to our separate ways. So Illy and Pedek brought us to Campden Town since we wanted to know how the place is like badly! It was good, I kinda felt like I was in Bangkok's flee market. The weather was a bit chilly however. We didn't get ourselves anything, just browsed through, enjoying at the unique collection everyone has. I didn't have cash with me anyways, lupa.

It was then time for us to leave London. Sigh, wish we could stay longer. I had a really good time with Sina, Tira and Aidil. Especially great, meeting Illy, Hanaa and EG. Not to mention Jason Mraz although we were like crowds apart. Hehe who the hell cares, his voice is amazing. 

Right now I'm down with flu which includes fever of course. Wanted to enjoy my break in bed, and here I am. In bed, with a heavy head, sneezing non-stop and high temperature. *Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it, OUHH!* PCD's song. Ok random. 

I'll eat more sugar. Doa-doa nothing else is wrong with me.

p/s: Shamil's coming to London! I want to jumpa him!!! So happy!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday, Kaklang!

Izura Ikram,
My 'twin' with 6 years difference.
I've always looked up to you.


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Gunakanlah OXY

Bila stress mesti banyak jerawat.

Kalau bukan di muka, mesti di kepala.

Nak sikat rambut pun susah.

Gunakanlah OXY. 
Nak taruk OXY kat celah-celah rambut ke???

p/s: Biopharmacy test shite. Tomorrow another practical test, 3 products in 3 hours. Wish me luck!

*Kepala pening dah.

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