My neck is my Limit

You know the image when cartoons get mad, their red blood come up to their neck, and when it goes further, 'that's it!'. That's me now.

I need to calm down now.

Ada la makhluk Allah ni, setakat ni telah menyusahkan almost everyone I know. Kalau tak menyusahkan, then meluatkan. I almost got kick out of my own flat because of dia. I have to pay hundreds because of dia. It's been almost a year I live here with trust etc, and now dah disrupted. 

WTF weyh????!!!!

I can't type dah. Nak tulis kat sini pun pointless. 

Dear dia, please watch it, or you may see me in your own dreaming world. Jangan pikir konon you lepak with them, you're all that jugak, sama macam mereka. Truth is you're not. You're a really weird person.

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Thankful, Grateful, Regretful?


Yes, my 2nd year is hopefully over with!! I had 3 days straight with killer papers. While we saw each class enjoy their last paper with champagne the moment they step out of the 'hell' hall, we complain of how an ass the paper was instead. And I couldn't imagine I would be in this position right now, a position with no more exams for the year! With my body getting used to only 3 hours of sleep, I now can't sleep more than 3 hours when I want to. Sad, I know. Especially when now you have no more reading to do. But then that's fine. There are always other stuffs to do. 


Even after sleepless nights during exam, post-exam is still as tiring. I'm helping out on a particular event here, just for fun and experience. It would look good as a volunteer work on my resume too, hehe. And at these times I sometimes wonder why others would choose otherwise, on not to volunteer, in any particular work, event, concert, gig or charity. Because these are one of the moments when I feel upmost grateful of the people around me. You can get tired of working, but you never get tired of enjoying and laughing do you? I don't.


Am I regretful? I was thinking is this the right thing for me to do? Would being far away from loved ones be worth it? Would my actions now give bitter impressions and disgust from people? Would I be saying "I shouldn't have done this, and go with the others instead" in the future when I start working, when I get married, when I have my own kids? Would I doubt whether I've taken the right path at this current time? 

Everyone experiences different things with different sets of people. From that they learn and mould how they will be in time to come. And if I judge from how I think I have the best parents around, then no, I'm not regretful. I'm all of that but regretful. Of course people who live far away from their families would agree with me when I say "I do feel sorry being half way across the world and not able to share the same hour with them", but we dream and we chase them

Its not about being selfish. Our time comes now and their time may be later. 

And we would be as grateful and thankful as they are now.

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KAU.. KAU.. 


Okay, boleh bernafas sekarang. Sila baca buku.

p/s: Tidak ada kena mengena dengan hidup atau mati. Rekaan semata-mata.

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I don't think I've put this up anywhere. So here it is. 
Definitely the exercise for that month.

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Paper Frenzy

I'll be starting my exam frenzy tomorrow! Petrified petrified. So it's tomorrow, Thursday and Friday and I'll be free from my 2nd year! (I hope, Amin.)

So this past week I have been living with caffeine, 3 hours of sleep every night and chicken soup (balanced kan? haha). I wish I could get a hold of chocolates and ice creams but that would mean I'll be eating 'em while I read. Not a good habit, no no. 

Not to mention I'm still contemplating on whether I should cut my hair here or when I go back to Malaysia later. The ends are killing me. But on the other hand maybe I should keep them long till I'm back home and that means it would be easier for me to decide what to do to my hair! Right? (Note: Anda, my hair needs proper treatment jugak. A cut is a must!)

With all this stress up and about, my period is going haywire as well. OhMyGdragon! 

Pimples pun dah naik, on my face! That's a bit rare. Not to mention on my scalp. That's normal for me. But on my face?! And my skin is horrible now despite the expensive Clinique! Meanwhile, I'm trying to shift to Body Shop's shampoo. I think Tresemme is too dry for my scalp. But the conditioner is fine. So Body Shop's honey shampoo it is. I bought it online for £2 only. Sweet eh? Don't ask me where, I forgot. (No, I'm not selfish.)

I can't wait till 1600 hours on Friday the 22nd! That's when I'll be shouting "I'm FREE!!". Well not free from Uni but you dig what I mean.

And then we'll be off to Alton Towers and scream our heads off while on the crazy rides for TWO DAYS! OhMyGdragon again!

I shouldn't get too hyped up. 

Here, relax:

Pray for me.

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It's Only You

It's Only You. 난 너뿐이라고.

I promise.

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Love Story meets Viva La Vida

A good friend of mine forwarded this to me.

Wish I wasn't 'karat' in these two instruments.

Worth your 8 minutes, I promise.

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Play Me

*Be sure to play full song.

This will bring peacefulness, or not.

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You're So Hot?

Below are some of the conversations I had for the past 48 hours:

Izura: Eh sekarang temperature kat sana macam mana? Still sejuk-sejuk kan?
Saya: Eh tak lah, dah panas sikit dah, average 15.
Izura: 15 panas?? Try 33!!!!

Ya, saya akan cuba nanti.


Dad: Sekarang dah panas sangat.
Saya: Tula, Izura ada mention.
Dad: Izura sekarang hari-hari pakai skirt!

(=.=') Ok bapanya.


Mum: Eeee teruk betul sekarang, Izati. Tak tahan dah la Mummy. Tak leh nak buat ape.
Saya: Tula, Daddy kata Izura hari-hari pakai skirt!
Mum: Memang pun. Panas betul!

I guess you can already say I repeat what others say perfectly. =)


Syafika: I'm hot!

Ya orang muda, anda hot.


Ayesha: Malaysia panas gila babi.
Saya: I know, I heard!

Aku dah tak sanggup berlakon 'don't know' dah.

Elisha: IMI! MALAYSIA PANAS! Duduk dalam rumah pun tak leh buat apa! Dulu 37!
Saya: You're not the first to say that, really.

Hmmm, marilah tanam pokok banyak-banyak.


Martin: Come here, sit under the sun with us.
Saya: No, it's hot and I'll get sun burnt. Even though I'm wearing sun block.
Martin: Wearing sun block already?? You're from Malaysia, you should get used to the sun.
Saya: Well, we don't stay under the sun. We stay under the shade, of course!

Betul tak? Betul.


Lagi nak anticipate balik Malaysia? Lagi.

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Hujan sudah turun, angkat kain di jemuran.

Tengah hari tadi, sewaktu menikmati ayam goreng rempah (dibuat sendiri, ya), tiba-tiba hujan lebat! Terus panik dan berkata dalam hati,

"Eh, ada sidai baju ke tak kat luar???"

walhal kita guna tumble dryer sahaja. Ampaian pun tak wujud.

Dalam beberapa minit tu terbayang ibunnnyyyaaa atau kakak tersayang menjerit, "IZATI IZATI IZATI!! HUJAN!!!" dan mini-istana itu bagai nak roboh dibuatnya. Kakak dan abang menjerit-jerit sambil berlari ke taman untuk membawa masuk jemuran. 

Siapa tak sempat pakai selipar harus berhati-hati, takut terpijak 'bom' buatan kucing-kucing tersayang. Kucing yang pandai akan beri laluan dengan mata penuh memahami; kucing yang bengap akan berlari bersama, seperti boleh memberi pertolongan. Hampeh! Kacau orang nak lari ada lah. Boleh bikin gaduh sebentar sambil menyelamatkan jemuran.

Lagi rela selamatkan jemuran pada hari terik walaupun abangnya berada di rumah. Mengapa? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Dalam keadaan panik dan dilemma berseorangan di dalam bilik, terus mengingatkan rakan bukan sebaya, Ali. "Ali! Hujan lebat!! Angkat kain di jemuran!!"

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Burn the freakin' midnight oil.

I didn't do great for my OTC research. (I almost put down OST, HAHA) But that is by far the only essay I didn't do THAT well on. So a pat on me please. Lecturers keep reminding us, "Please try to not fail your papers." and even manage to stretch smiles across their faces. 



Tomorrow for our small tea gathering at the guys' house I will be wearing a tube of my concealer under my eyes


I won't be sleeping tonight. YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Adjusts nerdy specs and rushes off to annoying and thick books.*

p/s: Can't wait to get my hands on the food tomorrow. As usual I'll be doing my summer fruit dessert. : )

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