Just a little over ten days and I'll be leaving the place with nice weather, fun people and peacefulness. Time passes by quickly, doesn't it?

I just got back from a four-day holiday trip to Ilfracombe in North Devon, alone. Don't tell me that's sad, cause its not! :) I've always wanted to try travelling alone, feeling selfish and breathing fresh air, experiencing what's 'local'.

Walked along the beautiful coast, enjoyed the harbour, took a cruise trip to see the seals and relaxed at the long stretch of beach in Woolacombe, enjoying the sounds of huge waves with a cone of softee with a '99'. Bliss. Worth it. Didn't even cost me a fortune, I must add.

And as my original plans of taking advantage of the time that I am here to explore nice places, I've done them, alright. But I realise there's just too many good places to go to!! However, I'm grateful. If God forbids, I'll be seeing lots of them more often if I ever get to work here, insyaAllah.

Not gonna spoil the read by writing down my 'experiences' at work but I must say that I'm lucky I've met wonderful colleagues (and customers too). I will miss them dearly, that's for sure.

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To look forward..

Still hasn't sunk in. The fact that this placement that I'm doing is a form of evaluation of them offering me a job. A JOB, after I graduate. I'm grateful and glad I've been recommended, however I still haven't completely grasped the fact that if I could be and do a good job later on. Scary isn't it. I haven't even thought of it.

Whatever it is, what's confirmed is that IF I do get a job, it won't be in Scotland. I'll be here in England. I've said to my tutor I'm not someone that is limited, I go with the flow and I don't mind to be placed anywhere but in my honest opinion, no matter how much I'm loving this peaceful place, I don't think I can live here alone. To go through all this alone. Nope. No I can't.

Let's just scrap that for a moment then.

I'm gonna have a five-day break starting this Saturday. I've been roughly planning in my head where to go. I wanna go to nice beaches, small towns by the cliff, praying the weather would be nice, stay in B&B's, just relax and breath in the fresh air. Hoping all will go to plan. My horoscope said "A short holiday trip will change your life and be a memorable one." Not that I believe horoscopes tapi bestnya! Now I'm even MORE looking forward to it. :)) But seperti biasa, bak kata Mummy, "Jangan berangan, nanti sure takkan jadi." Ok Mum.

I'm just extremely itching to go shopping though!! I don't have any time at all to go! I work out of town and I travel during weekends, how am I supposed to go shopping! And it's summer sale now!!! URRRRRGGGGHHHHH.

It feels weird now. The feeling of being alone. Not loner kind of alone. I have LOADS of good company and I love them to bits. The fact that I don't get close to people easily to tell them of my life, my secrets; that feels weird, not being to share things. Friends I'm close with would know I don't even share that many things about myself with my family. We just don't really tell like personal things to each other. Unless it's good gossip and good sales! :DD But yea, it just suddenly got to me. Hehe, funny.

Here's for another good lone-getaway!

This has been stuck for a couple of days now.

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Can't wait to be back in Glasgow for the weekend! Miss everyone so muchhh.

p/s: Why is blogspot being weird? I can't put pictures and stuff, got none of that toolbar thingy. Hmm?

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I went to Bristol to meet EG before he goes back to Malaysia after he graduates, (as if I won't meet him in KL la kan)

Bristol was great, kinda reminds me of Edinburgh, the weather was great. We had lunch and I got to meet new friends.

Details aside, my last train to Taunton was at 10.15pm and we had exactly 15 minutes to go there. It was great fun indeed, running with everyone and fighting with the traffic lights. At that moment, I finally felt care-free. :)

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It's coming

And I'm not ready

Let's just embrace it


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