Tak Suka!

So, I have been so emotional lately. Thanks to Miss Hormone, of course. No actually, I'm full of emotional distress! ABUNDANT! I need to go to an anger management course.

Last Friday was no joke. Fridays are no joke to me. I hate them, (just this semester because I'm not supposed to literally HATE Fridays) because I always have 9 to 5 and just one hour break in the middle. And especially last week, labs took longer than usual. I'm not gona say it was pointless but, ntahlah. Pastu that night a few people just pissed me off I just couldn't control myself. The last time that happened was in Form 5 in KYS. OMG, I just couldn't handle it. I was literally boiling up to my brains!

Every now and then after that I stayed up pastu my morning alarm didn't give any effect to me at all. AT ALL! Was it because I had a weird dream. Ok, I basuh kaki tau.

Pastu today, the rain/snow is so bad. WHY WOULD IT BE SNOWING AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR?!!! That's global warming for you. The wind was the upmost horrible, over the top! I literally got to my flat faster than usual. Why? Because the wind blew me from behind. Takut ok kalau ada benda flying towards me and hit my head ke apa ke, it was soooooooooooooooo strong, the wind. So there was no point of me using my already-broken umbrella. And hence, I was soaked. And cold. And depressed!

And then kelas lab harini useless. Takda orang nak dengar cakap aku buat ni buat tu. Buat rileks je, tulis buruk-buruk pulak tu. Padan muka smorang kena marah. Takda soalan ditujukan kerana the context was kosong. Yeap, it was.

Now, I'm trying to calm myself down with chocolate chip cookies and milk. I can't eat ice cream or I'll freeze in my own pajamas. :((( I've been keeping everything in and was doing fine and then the rain came and its 3 degrees outside during spring and everything is just spilling!! *deep inhale* BENCI!! Nak balik Malaysia and mengadu kat Mister! I miss everybody but I'm a bad person because I'm too busy and couldn't keep in contact. BAD BAD GIRL! :(

I'm gona go shower now and have a good cry.

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Eeeeeee. But wowwwww. The name is Onichi I think? Because apparently it's Japanese, Hehe.

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Saya, Izati MI, berjanji akan mula berusaha untuk peperiksaan akhir semester ini!!!

Timetable sudah keluar, boohooo. So early! That's a good thing I guess so that I can start planning on my studies!! Ok so exams will be on the 10th, 11th and 13th of May! JAHAT! GILA! And practical exam will be on 16th, I think? That is if I'm not exempted, which I probably won't. Sigh. Its a good thing because I'll finish early and I can enjoy my summer and think of moving etc. BUT! It's a lot of stress!! Which means I have to have to have to start now!

After Easter there'll be lots and lots of tests namely prescription test, RTS video test, all the class tests! And there's also the hospital placement to be worried about. Jahat la diorang niiiiiiiiii. :(

Oleh itu! Kalau ada big gaps between classes, jangan balik rumah dan lepak! Or jangan ponteng sebab malas sebab ada gaps! Sila ke library dan belajar ya. :) Yes I can! Pastu Wednesdays mentang-mentang free, kena start ke library semula!! Yes I can! Woop! InsyaAllah.

For now, let's finish my CV. Kena buat CV for work dahhhh. So early kan? Eee kakut kakut! Now, where did I put Ms Lai's version of my CV dulu. Hahah found it in my old USB! Gaaahahahah I'm so proud! Have to start altering then.

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I miss my short hair suddenly. Although I do like the length now. It's just that, I RARELY get a good short haircut. Best betul la hairdresser tu. I promised myself to not forget his name, but well. All the drugs' name pushed him away from my memory, oopsie. ;) But I know where he's at! Somewhere in Hartamas. That's good enough right?

I cut my hair about the same time as Morven did and mine is waaaayyyy longer now. Hehe.

Neh, I don't think he liked my short haircut? Why? Because previously, every time its cut short I would complain it doesn't look nice. Which is true! But not that time. Legendary hairdresser betul. Good thing it grows fast.

And my dear shorty best friend, HAPPY 21st!!! You're finally legal, Nurjannah Iman Syaqirene Ahmat (did I spell that right? :p) ILY!

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It's back

The lawn mower is back and I'm emotionally distressed over it!

Sigh, hurt my hand hitting the laptop too hard. T.T

Ingat dia manusia ke apa.


We look ridiculous don't we? Hehe. Miss you!

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Tutor bangin' heads

Had tutorial this morning. Lucky me, dapat tutor explaining every single thing including history of gentamicin that doesn't really concern us (for now).

Took me 40 minutes to walk to class, double the time than usual. Literally dragged my feet, nasib tak pengsan tengah jalan. Just kidding. ;p

But anyway, his voice was doing my head in! It wasn't anything abnormal or disturbing but it's just that memang tengah nak pening plus sinusitis nya. I literally shut my ears, during tutorial. Sure dia pikir wth is wrong with this girl, kan?

Tomorrow another tutorial. Hope Ms AT won't be as annoying in class than in tutorial. I can just imagine. And it'll prolly be worse than today too considering it's at 9 in the morning. Good luck to me.

Good night.

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I'm having the prodromal symptoms. On a Sunday. Weh, tomorrow is Monday wehhhh, can't afford to have migraine nowwww with a career fair and all. I have a long research to do. Wtf. Can't even hear the bus passing by the main road or it'll be throbbingly 'sensational'. Nak balik rumaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I never get this really. Actually I do and I acknowledge it because that's what we do in school. But ever since I got here, people really don't care. They just don't. I used to during first year and then I realised no one gives a shit. They would look at me funny every time I mention of it. And I understand why, because basically we don't know them, we don't care about them and the same to them as well. Same like I don't know who my 'seniors' or 'juniors' are and I couldn't care less.

But ever since I stepped into this year of my course, I've been bumping into 'seniors' whom I've never really met and even have the TIME to REMIND me that "Owh yea, I'm your senior ok." Like, so? Yes yes I understand you've gained another year of the same course but are you my boss now? Are you my CEO now? No right? I don't even know you and the probability of meeting you in the future is like so P value > 0.05 and so why the hell care?

Why the heck take the time and effort to actually tell and remind me? Would it really make a difference to your life?? Gosh. It's just ME. I'm just one person out of so many others so why would you have to tell me? Did I even ask you? Ugh.

I've met another person that's kind of in the same position as me but she didn't mention to me any 'seniority'. I'm glad she didn't cause I'm literally sick of it. Like really, get a hold of yourselves and just, stop. Stop making a laugh out of yourselves. Maybe it's just my hormones but I don't think so. Why would I have abnormal hormones throughout the term. I've never had them before, whereas there's loads of your kind before if you've forgotten since I was here WAYYY before you were. Yes I've met loads before and they were fine and NORMAL. I may sound a bit snobbish saying that but that's the truth. Because I'm sick of it!

Baik aku tido. Nak bubur McD.

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Bulan 3

Sudah March!!!!!

So many datelines. So many things to do this month. A good "work your butt off" month before the 'deserving' break for Easter? I don't know.

The only way to survive: Don't pause because when I do, I can't start balik. Jig it? So, hopefully I'll get the flow. Beri daku semangat! Fuh!!

Now tidur time. The flu is really bugging me... :'( I hate flu with watery eyes! Makes me cry just to get rid of it. Hehe. It's the weather I think. It's warm but it's not warm, it'll be more extreme later so I'll have to take care of myself.

Drink lots of fluid and exercise a lot, I always say to my virtual patients. Haha pseudo me.


p/s: Tomorrow first day of sterile lab. Will I get to wear the penguin suit? =)

Edit: Sneezed every 10 seconds for the last 10 minutes of lab. Contamination much?

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