I CANNOT believe I'm Youtube-ing videos on common exercises to flatten my tummy.

Yes. Flat tummy no more. I have love handles, omg. And bum is big (not new but it's back, girls!)

Healthy lifestyle, let's go!!

*finishing chocolates first*

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Went shopping at Livingston last week. And my God of all things, I got myself a 7 piece Tefal set. Sigh. Konon for my future. Muahaha. It was ON SALE! All that for 45pounds only. Also, ada steamer yang bertingkat2 tu for 20pounds only, and and and toaster yang toast 4 breads at a time tu for 15pounds. ALL TEFAL I TELL YOU. And also fast cooker, from 120 to 20 pounds only. Tapi nasib la perempuan ni tak reti nak masak sangat. Tak reti nak guna fast cooker. Hehehe only to find out later that it MIGHT be something like pressure cooker. Sigh. MENYESAL TAK BELI! Nanti my Mum datang for summer mungkin boleh cuba try test kan? Damn it. Damn damn damn baru sedar.

Anyway, grad ball is early June nanti. (Exam belum start pun dah pikir grad ball) Chis. So whilst in Livingston, dropped by Karen Millen yang tengah sale gila babi. I know the collection there is soooo much better than in the city centre. Found a few yang kononnya would suit me. But but but, bontot dah besar sangat!! Mister terpaksa tunggu lama for me to fit into one dress. Then gave another one yang should look ok tapi sebab banyak layerings kat bawah tu, so bontot nampak lebih besar. Damn. I should diet!!! Tengah nak exam ni, I'm always munching munching and munching.

Was cleaning my wardrobe just now and saw all the jeans that I haven't worn for a few months/years. Mana tak sayang tu boleh la potong and wear for spring/summer ni. So far the weather have been REALLY good, but I'm wearing my sunnies indoors. Hehe. Anyway, then found my all time fav Evisu skinny jeans yang dah kecut two years back. Didn't know it was there till tadi. All this time I thought I left it at home in Msia sebab obviously I can't fit into it anymore. So tadi gatal nak try jugak, in the end had cramps. T.T Who in this world have cramps while trying out jeans??!! Maybe ada but not anyone I know of. (OMG please tell me if you do so that I won't feel like I'm alone) Hehe. It was size 27" AND shrunken. So obviously la kan tak muat. I now wear 28" comfortably without the 'biar derita asal jelita' phrase repeating in my head by Kaklong's voice.

Back to studying. Tomorrow is my OSCE. OMG, 30 marks is on good communication and 20 on my clinical knowledge. Can I just smile and ask questions then? Hehehehe.

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